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October 26, 2011

Is Ryne Sandberg Next in Line in Chicago?

Here we go again. was Theo Epstein being spotted at a Starbucks.  And we all saw how that played out.'s Hall of Famer and Chicago Cubs great Ryne Sandberg walking the streets of the Windy City.

"We were coming back from lunch, walking east on Walton toward Michigan Avenue," lifelong Cubs fan Frank Mark told the Chicago Tribune. "All of a sudden, I see three people, two ladies and a guy. I eyeballed the guy and said, 'Holy smoke, that's Sandberg.' I'm 99 percent sure it was him. He had the same build, the same slick-backed hair."

To make matter worse...Sandberg also reportedly dined Tuesday night at Japonais.

And we all know how the former second baseman loves his "signature Japanese cuisine that seamlessly fuses innovative presentations, flavors and ingredient pairings."

So...what are the odds of the Hall of Famer becoming Epstein's main man?

"I think there'd be a better chance of Ryno becoming a base coach or something like that. They have to get the Mike Quade question answered first,"'s Cubs Insider Patrick Mooney weighed in after the Epstein press conference Tuesday.

The new Cubs president  interviewed Sandberg for Boston's Triple-A managing job in Pawtucket last year after Quade beat out Sandberg for the Cubs' top job. Sandberg turned it down since he had already had committed to a similar job within the Philadelphia Phillies organization.

Wake me up when Ron Cey comes waddling out of the Lincoln Park Zoo.

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