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October 10, 2011

Theo Epstein was in Chicago...or was he?

Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod!

Ask yourself this...if you saw Theo Epstein out in public would you know who he was?

I mean, I was in Fenway Park a while back, saw a guy who looked like the Boston Red Sox GM and STILL asked myself..."is that dude flanked by security guards Theo Epstein".

It was.

And if you ask Chicagoan Noah Pinzur, he saw the 37-year-old baseball wunderkind Saturday in the Windy City. 

At a Starbucks.

Pinzur told the Chicago Tribune that he said he was sitting near the window of the Starbucks on Racine and Wrightwood avenues, when a Honda SUV pulled up and parked out front.  Epstein, or his doppelganger, walked in and stood in line.

The lifelong Cubs fan says he went up to the man and asked him point-blank if he was Epstein...which earned a denial.

"I get that a lot," the man told Pinzur. "Who is Theo Epstein?"

"Once he had to ask me who 'Theo Epstein' was, I knew it was him," Pinzur added. "It was clearly him being driven in the direction of Wrigley Field."

So, yeah, this is great and all...but what did Epstein order?  C'mon Pinzur...we need details!


Brian J. Bushaw said...

Seriously, if Epstein and Francona come to Chicago and turn them into a winner after winning two in Boston I think they will have cemented the right to demand 72 virgins in the afterlife...

Wpbjr said...

I think not Francona admittedly lost control of the team. He also sucks at playing small ball hire him if you want him. Theo has made his share or multi-million dollar mistakes so if you got the money hes got the time.