A bit of dark humor at The Hall last week with “Battery Stance Guy” featuring recreations of famous MLB domestic violence. One famous batterer they omitted was David Justice. I remember when he was with the Indians and he would come to Yankee Stadium the fans would chant HAL-LE BER-RY at him, after his famous abused wife. For some reason, all was forgotten when he was traded to the Yankees in 2000.

With accusations about in-game beer drinking by the Red Sox starting rotation, it’s worth noting other links between Red Sox pitchers and suds. I wonder if Roger Clemens got any kickback from Budweiser for the subliminal advertising on this 1996 Donruss card.

Finally, we posted a great video from the always-informative Sully proving that Calvin Schiraldi, and not Bill Buckner, should be blamed for the Red Sox 1986 World Series collapse. However, Buckner’s error was such a ridiculous gaffe that even Upper Deck couldn’t resist taking a shot, positioning the tarp opening right between his legs on this 1990 Upper Deck card. Maybe if his glove was that big he would have fielded Mookie's grounder?