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October 19, 2011

Who Wants a World Series Ring?

Let's say you're a World Series Champion...the thought of selling your championship ring is crazy, right?

Then it might be time to lock up Scott Williamson considering the former Boston Red Sox reliever has put his 2004 World Series ring on the auction block.

The 1999 National League Rookie of the Year isn't going the route of Lenny Dykstra, who raffled off his 1986 World Series ring a couple of years ago amid his personal bankruptcy...he's doing it for the kids.

Specifically, Williamson intends to use part of the proceeds to construct and administer a youth indoor/outdoor baseball academy.

"I can die with that World Series ring," the former big league reliever told the Boston Herald earlier in the week. "But if I die and I have this (facility) and these kids, and I've helped make them better people then my name and what I've done will mean more to me than that."

The ring will be auctioned online by Everything But the House though Oct. 25.  Bidding began at just a buck...and is already close to $30,000.

“There’s never been an auction for a player’s ring from (the 2004 Boston Red Sox), and I don’t expect there will be another one,” said EBTH co-owner Brian Graves. “For collectors, this will be their one shot at owning something like this.”

So if you've got a couple extra bucks burning a hole in your pocket (and wear a Mens 10.75 ring) might just be in luck.

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