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October 26, 2011

Yup..."Baseball Wives"

I guess it was bound to happen, right?

Given the success (I guess?) of its other "wives" shows ("Basketball Wives", "Mob Wives", etc.)...VH1 has announced their latest venture.

Yup..."Baseball Wives".

The cast includes Anna Benson (wife of pitcher Kris Benson), Tanya Grace (ex-wife of former first baseman and legendary "slump buster" Mark Grace), Chantel Kendall (ex-wife of catcher Jason Kendall), Brooke Villone (wife of journeyman reliever Ron Villone) and Jordana Lenz (girlfriend of Nyjer Morgan).

Now, I have zero plans to watch this thing and, I'll be honest, I enjoy my fair share of garbage on television.

But until they can get me a show where Kelly Ripken addresses the rumors of her and Kevin Costner almost busting up Cal's consecutive games streak...count me out.

Season two maybe? Fingers crossed.

Of course, if you can't wait until this inevitable piece of shit to premiere on November 30, you can hit up one of the four thousand slideshows Bleacher Report has dedicated to Baseball "WAGS".

Kill me now.

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