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November 30, 2011

Breaking Down the 2012 Hall of Fame Ballot

On Wednesday, the Baseball Writers Association of America announced the upcoming 2012 Hall of Fame ballot.  Included are 27 candidates (down from last year's 33)...13 newcomers and, like last year, 14 holdovers.

Unlike last year, when Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven got the obvious call, there are no shoe-ins whatsoever.

Leading the pack of returners is 1995 National League MVP, Barry Larkin...who is on his third ballot.  A year ago, the longtime Cincinnati Reds shortstop finished third overall with 62.1% of the vote.

Other holdovers include Jack Morris (53.5%), Lee Smith (45.3%), Jeff Bagwell (41.7%), Tim  Raines (37.5%), Edgar Martinez (32.9%), Alan Trammell (24.3%), Larry Walker (20.3%), Fred McGriff (17.9%), Don Mattingly (13.6%) and Dale Murphy (12.6%).

Three others, Mark McGwire (19.8%), Rafael Palmeiro (11.0%) and Juan Gonzalez (5.2%) are obviously adorned with the steroid scarlett letter and have about as much of a shot of making it in as you or me.

There are no notable newcomers on the ballot, which makes this a boring, boring ballot.

Leading the pack, however is possibly the most accomplished of the first ballot guys...New York Yankees fan favorite Bernie Williams.

Good friend of The Hall "Bald Vinny" might have Williams on his Yankees Mt. Rushmore, but it isn't likely that the Hall of Fame will welcome him. Sure, his .297 career batting average (including eight straight seasons of .300 or more), 2336 hits and 22 post season home runs are things of recent Yankee lore…but they are nothing but a blip on the radar of what gets mentioned alongside the names of those in Cooperstown

Other notable first ballot guys...Javy Lopez, Ruben Sierra and Vinny Castilla.

It's been a long time, but back in the day, I think we all might have been tempted to make the argument that Lopez was on his way to something. Then, well, the train left the tracks and I'm not really sure what happened to the guy. He ended his career with a respectable .287 batting average and 260 home runs.

20 years ago, Sierra was, along with Hall of Very Good frenemy Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire and Pete Incaviglia, THE future of baseball and you would have been hard pressed to find anyone to agree with you. Now, after 306 home runs and 1322 RBI…he’s an interesting footnote to an era that has long since passed.

Was Castilla a very good hitting third baseman or another one of those who was helped by the much ballyhooed Coors Effect? Both?!? Any way you slice it, his 320 home runs and near perfect hair doesn’t get him through the doors of Cooperstown without paying first.

Rounding out the ballot...Jeromy Burnitz, former two-sport star Brian Jordan, Bill Mueller, Terry Mulholland, Phil Nevin, Brad Radke, 1993 American League Rookie of the Year Tim Salmon, Tony Womack and Eric Young.

Voting results will be announced Monday, January 9.

Facebook Group Backs Luis Tiant

There are Facebook groups out there for just about anything.

Some make
perfect sense.

Some don't make any sense at all.

For Everett Bridgeford of Somers Point, New Jersey, there was only one group that seemed right…
Let's Get Luis Tiant into the Hall of Fame Now!.

And with the Veterans Committee announcing their "Golden Era" Hall of Fame selection soon...there seemed to be no better time to tell Bridgeford's story.

HOVG: What made you start your grassroots effort to get “El Tiante” enshrined in Cooperstown?

BRIDGEFORD: I was arguing with a friend of mine who is a Yankee fan that knows everything about Tiant’s legacy. He told me I was nuts. I was up late one night and I sent (Angels broadcaster) Victor Rojas a message on Facebook asking him if he thought I was crazy too. He said I was right and if I believed in it then I should pursue it. I then went to (former Red Sox pitcher) Dick Drago, who was also on Facebook, and he quickly said that Luis Tiant is the best person he has ever met and I should definitely try to get him in. So I started a page and began inviting as many people as I could find in Boston.

HOVG: How did your love affair with BeanTown start?

BRIDGEFORD: I have been a Sox fan for as long as I can remember. Being 34, I was too young for the good days and had a long wait for 2004, but I was always a student of those teams in the 70s. I would use my Yaz swing and my Tiant windup in little league and Wiffle Ball and could never understand why none of my other friends in South Jersey didn't love the Sox as much as I did.

HOVG: And this carried over to the Hall of Fame too, right?

BRIDGEFORD: Right. I would wait every year for the Hall of Fame ceremonies, so I could see Ted Williams come up on stage. I successfully begged my parents to drive the eight hours to Cooperstown so I could see Yaz get inducted. And then I waited and waited. Why wasn't Tiant getting in? Why weren't Rice and Evans getting in? It was driving me nuts. I was a kid, these were my idols and I still couldn't understand why no one else got it. I watched the children of .260 hitters from 50 years ago accept awards for their fathers and it caused me to lose faith in the Hall of Fame.

HOVG: All in all, what’s your goal?

BRIDGEFORD: My goal is to continue adding mew members through all means possible…the website, Facebook, word of mouth, TV and radio. This is truly grassroots. I have done this so far at no cost and have not earned a single cent from my efforts. I know we can do this based on the huge numbers of people that believe in this man getting in the Hall. The end game will consist of an all out marketing assault on the Hall's Veteran's Committee and getting that 75% from letters, phone calls, interviews and statistics that stand up to anyone.

HOVG: What would it mean to you for “El Tiante” to get the call from the Hall?

BRIDGEFORD: What would it mean for me? Wow, for one, I think it will be the greatest thing ever to see him on stage with a huge smile and cigar with thousands of fans chanting “LOU–EEE LOU-EEE”! I have never had this much passion in my life for anything and I believe it will happen. Ask anyone that knows me…I am not like that. But something is making me do this and it continues to grow. I do know that the coolest thing will be able to sit back and say that I changed things for the better and mean it. I could not believe that no one had tried this before and now it seems like a done deal and we are just waiting for the ceremony. There is a lot of work left and no shortage of people or ideas. I love waking up in the morning knowing that this will happen.

If you’re interested in helping Bridgeford get his message out about getting Luis Tiant in the National Baseball Hall of Fame, check out
his Facebook group, join and then…invite your friends.

If you'd like to read this entire interview (yes, yes...this was originally posted in April 2010), click HERE!

Anna Benson's Sex Toy, er, Weapon

Just in time for the premiere of its latest disaster, VH1's "Baseball Wives" is already making headlines.

And no, it isn't because of their liberal use of the word "wives".

It appears Anna "wife of Kris" Benson" and Cheri "ex-wife of Chuck" Knoblauch got into a fight and, in the process, gave me the reason to reference a 12-inch dildo.

Take it away Thirty Mile Zone!

During a recent filming, Anna Benson, the wife of former Mets pitcher Kris Benson, got into it with Cheri Knoblauch, wife of former Yankee second baseman Chuck Knoblauch. Anna got creative, pulled out a stun gun and set it on a table in front of her in a threatening manner, then produced a 12-inch dildo from her purse and started swinging...which raises the question, Why such a big purse?

Apparently, the stunt by the PETA-hating former stripper has some show staffers upset. 

Hot Stove Fever...catch it!

Get More: Baseball Wives

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November 29, 2011

Introducing...The Bobby Burger!

Not that long ago, you'd have had a hard time walking through any major city without stumbling across a sports-themed restaurant.

And, chances are, if I vacationed in that city...I visited it.  Unfortunately, I never made it to Chiba, Japan.

Why you ask?

The Bobby Burger!

Oh, it's a real thing and, apparently..."It's a Home Run!"

You see, when the Boston Red Sox new manager Bobby Valentine was the kantoku (look it up) for the Chiba Lotte Marines he designed this "magical burger".

And how you ask?  According to the Lotteria...well, just keep reading.

First, Bobby looked at all the veggies, and chose pineapple to be the leadoff hitter. Extra cheese then moved the "pine" over, and barbecue sauce loaded the bases. Now a taste of that magical Bobby Burger – It’s a Home Run!

Your move, Wahlburgers.


The Bobby Burger

It’s Magic!

(john keegan dot org)

At least it’s not fried chicken.

***Props to Old Time Baseball for spreading joy to all the land.*** 

November 28, 2011

Ozzie Guillen Gets Married...Again

It doesn't matter how many people you follow on the internet, reading about their exploits this past week proves just one thing...everyone celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday different.

And if you're Ozzie Guillen, you spent it on a beach in Panama.

Getting married.


According to his blog, the new Miami Marlins manager got all romatical with his wife Ibis and, with his sons by his side, well, just read.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I had a great time down in Panama and actually had a chance to do something that I had only done once before — I renewed my vows.  After 28 years of being married, I decided it was time. I did it all on my own; my wife had no clue.

In general, I'm not a huge Guillen fan, but this, for some reason, made me feel better about the guy.

Heck...dude even worked in a Kardashian joke.

I guess since we didn’t get divorced after 72 days the first time around (72 days seems kinda fast) I think we will make it this time too.

Well played, senor.


Antonelli Gets the Old "Cough Test"

I like Matt Antonelli...and I don't mean that I "like" him on Facebook.

I also don't mean that I like the infielder because we follow one another on Twiiter.

Simply put, I like the dude because, from time to time, he clues us in as to what it's like to be a professional baseball player.

Case in point.  This past week, the newest member of the Baltimore Orioles was in "Charm City" getting checked out and let us know what exactly what is meant by "pending physical".

From his blog:

They put you through about fifteen different tests, not only to check your vision, but also to check the health of your eyes in general and make sure you won't have any problems a few years down the road. You might assume that the blood work and "cough test" would be the shitty parts of my day, but spending thirty minutes with laser beams and bright lights shining directly in your eyes definitely takes the cake.

After passing those I gave some blood and was asked to pee in a cup for probably the 400th time in the past five years. The process started around 9 AM and finally finished right around 3 PM.

It's an interesting can check out the rest over at his site.  You'll thank me later.

This Week in Baseball Cards: November 28

With Thanksgiving, Black Friday and whatever other made up holidays in our rearview's time to get back to talking baseball, right?

Starting today, I'm going to make it a priority to get you This Week in Baseball Cards every Monday morning as was once promised.

Oh, Bo Rosny always has his stuff together...the blame falls on me.

So, without further's last week's This Week in Baseball Cards.  Haha.

Lots of congratulations to go around.

Congratulations to Dale Sveum on being named manager of the Cubs. With this site’s obsession with Milwaukee mustaches, it’s a good time to showcase Sveum’s playing-days 'stache. Too bad he now goes for the aerodynamic swimmer’s look.

Congratulations to Ryan Ripken for being accepted to the University of South Carolina and it’s baseball team, the Gamecocks. Ryan is following in his father’s footsteps, just as his father followed in the footsteps of his well-known dad, Cal Ripken Sr., who merited his own Donruss card as a coach back when his son was just “one of” the best prospects in the Orioles organization.

Finally, congratulations to Bob Uecker on being inducted into the Wisconsin Meat Industry Hall of Fame. Now, won’t anyone nominate "Da Meat Hook", Dmitri Young?

And remember, gang, you can check out Bo's daily insights over at his site...Baseball Cards Come to Life.

Where Prince Fielder ISN'T Going

Depending on who you talk to, they'll tell you where they think Prince Fielder is heading or, given their particular fandom, where they want the slugger to end up.

Well, according to reports (and, seriously, don't we all love this time of year where "according to reports" starts every story)...we know what teams we can cross OFF as potential destinations for the robust slugger.

Some have an interesting theory on Prince Fielder's possible destination: That's because of his well-known alienation from his father, Cecil, Fielder wouldn't want to play on one of his dad's former teams and expose himself to more comparisons. That would rule out the Tigers, Blue Jays, Yankees, Indians and Angels.

I suppose we can go ahead and omit the Hanshin Tigers as well?

Greg Halman's Body on Display

Last week, the baseball world was stunned when Seattle Mariners outfielder Greg Halman became just the third active Major Leaguer to be murdered.

According to police, the 24-year-old was stabbed to death by his bother Jason after arguing over loud music.

While the Dutch-born Halman isn't expected to be laid to rest until Tuesday, his family and friends did gather for a public viewing Sunday night in his hometown of Haarlem in the Netherlands.

The following link has video from that viewing.  And as a side note, if anyone can get me a working embed code so I can post it here...I'm listening.'re going to get a glimpse of the deceased slugger on display decked out in full Mariners gear.

November 27, 2011

The Wily Mo Show is Heading to Japan

There have been scores of ballplayers who have played in both the Major Leagues and in Japan.

And while some have flourished...many have flopped.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the "Wily Mo Show" is headed to Japan.

That's right, Wily Mo Pena is planning on doing something not even Manny Ramirez could a gig playing overseas for the Softbank Hawks.

This is a good gig for the slugger seeing how he's having a rough time keeping a job here in the States.

So why Japan?  Short

According to reports, Softbank is looking to shell out close to 400 million Yen (roughly $5.15 million) plus incentives for two years for the 29-year-old.

Last season, Pena tore up the Minors hitting .358 with 25 home runs in 332 plate appearances with Triple-A Reno and Tacoma.  In limited duty in the bigs (120 plate appearances), dude hit just .204 with seven home runs splitting time between both the Seattle Mariners and Arizona Diamondbacks

November 26, 2011

An Open Letter to

You remember our buddy Tim Anderson, right?

Sure you do.  He was that cat at Camden Yards who caught home run balls on three consecutive nights in August.
Yeah, you read that right...three consecutive nights!  And then, later in the season, snagged another pair in the same night.

Have you ever heard of such a feat?  Well, the folks at must have because they forgot to include the young ballhawk's accomplishment for this year's Greatness in Baseball Yearly Awards (GIBBYs).

Here is Tim Anderson's "Open Letter" to the folks at

To Whom It May Concern at

I'm not vain.  It's impossible; I'm an Orioles fan.

But when I visited this evening, stumbled across the voting for the GIBBYs and began voting, I was fully expecting to vote for myself for the "Must C Fan Moment of the Year".

I was sincerely disappointed.

Personally, I feel as if my accomplishments as a fan in 2011 outrank most of the so-called accomplishments by the fans nominated by for the Fan Moment of the Year Award.

You're telling me that the guy who dropped his daughter at a Dodgers game to then ultimately drop a ball that was lobbed underhand to him was a good fan moment in baseball this season?

I want a second opinion; ask his daughter.

How about that other Dodgers fan who caught her foul ball in her ice cream? The ball was deflected by her boyfriend who only offered protection by sticking his bare hand out. Be a man, use your body.

By the way, the Dodgers thank you for buying a concession.

Then there's that kid who gave his baseball away to the other kid who dropped it at a Diamondbacks game. He was quite obviously pressured into giving the ball to the crying kid by a stadium employee. Peer pressure strikes again.

Where are these kids' morals?

And that guy who gave his sunglasses to Prince Fielder? C'mon!

I once gave a homeless man a quarter leaving an Orioles game. Were there cameras there? Nope! And “fans” don't wear collared shirts to baseball games and sit in the front row behind home plate.

If this were “Rich Guy Moments of the Year,” then, by all means, deliver that trophy to his office overlooking the Rocky Mountains.

Now, that Rangers fan who caught a screaming foul ball down the first baseline with ease while chatting away on his cell phone (that's his official title these days, right?) really gets on my nerves. I'm all for acting like you've been there before, but judging by that cell phone in your had and those earbuds dangling on your chest, I think you're confused as to where you are in the first place.

This a baseball game, not the office.

He's that guy that sits behind you at the games, chatting away on his cell phone about John at work. You came to watch the American League Champion Rangers and instead, you know what Frank does for a living, where he works and how big of a “jackass” John is.

And look closely at his attire. That's right, he has his iPod Nano clipped to the right leg of his shorts. He can't even watch a baseball game without Kenny Chesney in his ear.

Steve Bartman anyone?

I'm not bitter, Everybody makes mistakes sometimes.

I'm sure ESPN is a little more diligent with those ESPY nominations.

Tim Anderson
Orioles Fan

Let's help Anderson and see if we can get to right this wrong.

And if we can't...perhaps a "Get Tim to the ESPYs" campaign is on the horizon...immediately followed by a "Get a Hot Girl to Go to the ESPYs with Tim" campaign?

And in case you missed's young Timmy in action during that epic three-game stretch in August.

November 25, 2011

You Got LoMo'd!

So, did you hear the one about Albert Pujols not returning to the "Birds"

What...are you not one of the more than 75,000 that follows Miami Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison on Twitter?

If missed this.

Breaking News: Talked to my boy Pujols, he said he wont be playing with the Birds anymore...

Begin social media shitstorm.

Within minutes, the RTs and messages to the self-proclaimed "Twittaholic" numbered in the hundreds.

Sadly, it only took 12 minutes for "LoMo" to remove the wool from in front of his followers' eyes.

Should've been more clear, my buddy Renee Pujols' landlord is making him get rid of his beloved pet cockatoos...

He should have waited longer. was had.  Fools were made.

I'm not sure what's funnier though.  The fact that Morrison pulled one over on Twitter or that people bought into it.

Hook.  Line.  Sinker.

November 23, 2011

Yu Darvish's Debut on Hold

There's been a ton of talk surrounding Japanese wunderkind Yu Darvish and whether or not he'll be making his Major League debut in 2012.

And according to Mike Silva's New York Baseball Digest...odds are that the stud  hurler might not even be posted.

I’m hearing Yu Darvish likely won’t be posted because of his ongoing divorce proceedings.

Apparently, his soon to be ex-wife’s lawyer wants to make sure his MLB salary is counted towards her settlement, and has already filed two depositions delaying their court appearance. Obviously, Darvish and his agent don’t want to post until the divorce is final.

Baseball, apple pie...divorce?  See, who needs to be playing in America to have a future ex-wife cloud their future?

But just how good is the long locked, six-foot-five Darvish?

Damn good apparently.

Dude is the only pitcher in Nippon Professional Baseball history to post a sub-2.00 ERA for five consecutive seasons and that includes his 1.44 mark this year. He owns a career 93-38 record and is a two-time league MVP.

Oh...and he's just 24.

Jose Canseco Accepts Shaq's Challenge

Earlier this month, NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal hit the Twitters and asked UFC president Dana White to set up a fight between him and Jose Canseco.

Now, nearly two weeks later, Canseco has accepted via, where else?  Twitter.

I accept shaqs challenge to fight him let's get it on .

Shaq tell ur girlfriend Dana white to make Thu fight happen

The problem with this whole thing is this...if White actually set up the bout, would it happen?

There isn't a doubt in my mind that O'Neal would show up.  This cat has done just about everything and, honestly, going out there to try and clean Canseco's clock would be righ up his alley.

Canseco, on the other hand, has had a hard time getting to the ring.

A few weeks ago, his schedule fight against Lenny Dykstra was canceled and, if you recall, dude pulled the old switcheroo at an event earlier this year by sending his twin brother Ozzie in his place.

Make this happen, Dana White...I need this.

The world needs this.

In the Wake of Ryan Braun's MVP Award

Sure, sure, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun took home the National League MVP Tuesday, but it was a prediction by second place finisher Matt Kemp and an obvious error by ESPN that are making the headlines.

First...the prediction from the Los Angeles Dodgers slugger.

"I'm going to go 50-50 next year.  I'm telling you, y'all created a monster. I'm about to get back in the weight room super tough so I can be as strong as I was last year."

"Forty-forty is tough, so 50-50 will be even tougher, but anything can happen. I have to set my limits high so I can try to get to them as much as I can. I'm going to try for 50-50, which has never been done.  I'm serious."

"If I don't (get there), it means I let y'all down and lied to you, and I don't like being a liar. I know y'all are over there thinking I'm crazy, but hey, I'm trying to take it to another level."


Keep in mind...the closest anyone has gotten to 50-50 was Alex Rodriguez (42-46) in 1998 and Alfonso Soriano (46-41) in 2006.

Now...the goof from the Worldwide Leader (courtesy of Brace Hemmelgarn).

Pretty cool of ESPN to tie the success of the Brewers to their neighbors to the north.

The only problem...Milwaukee and Green Bay are in Wisconsin and not, well, Minnesota, as shown.

Mariano Rivera Might Need Surgery

Alright, New York Yankees I have your attention?

According to the New York Daily News, the all-time saves leader will find out next week whether or not he's going to need vocal cord surgery.

“Every time I talk, it gets worse and worse,” the future Hall of Famer said while hosting 42 children and their families for a Thanksgiving meal at his New Rochelle restaurant, 42 Clubhouse Grill. “I thought it was a little simple thing and I went to the doctor and she said they might have to do something. I think they have to scrape them.”

It’s not clear yet if the procedure will affect the closer's preparations for the 2012 season.

Rivera, who turns 42 next week, became baseball's all-time saves leader this past September.  He finished the season with 44 saves in 49 opportunities...making him the first pitcher over the age of 40 to save at least 40 games in a season

***Props to Michael Clair for the tweet.***

November 21, 2011

Frank Thomas Blasts American League MVP

Postseason awards are funny.

Typically, you're going to hear a lot of people saying they don't matter...until they object to who wins one.  Then, of course, they suddenly begin to matter.

Such was the case Monday when Justin Verlander was named the American League Most Valuable Player.

Ask anyone what they thought about the Detroit Tigers pitcher taking home the award and they had an opinion.

Me...I asked Twitter.

Earlier in the day, Dwight Gooden and his clouded memory took center stage.  Late Monday was two-time recipient Frank Thomas sounding off on the merits of the MVP award.

Verlander had a unbelievable season but he was not the league MVP!!

Pitchers do not deserve that award!! 36 starts is not enough to be the league MVP!!

If they want to add a 3rd award for pitchers they should do just that. MVP is measured over a 162 game schedule!!

I've been keeping an eye on "The Big Hurt" since he hit Twitter in June and never have I seen him this vocal...much less all that active.

But, if Thomas is looking to stir the pot a little bit...he did just that.

If dude is looking to troll the waters and help promote Big Hurt Beer (which he conveniently dropped into conversation right before his Verlander takes)...well done.

Big Hurt Beer...a crisp full-flavored lager with All-Star taste and a smooth finish.  Now available at selected locations throughout Chicago and at the Binny's Beverage Depots.

Stock up today!

Dwight Gooden is Forgetful

Your newly minted American League MVP Justin Verlander had a pretty good doubt about it.

The Detroit Tigers hurler won the pitching Triple Crown going 24-5 with a 2.40 ERA, 250 strikeouts.  And, if you recall, he threw his second career no-hitter back in May.

Now, while Twitter seems to be up in arms about the selection (settle down, boys!), former great Dwight Gooden is obviously confused.

Very happy for Justin Verlander glad 2 c pitchers get the recognition 4 the MVP,still dont know how I didn't finish in top 5 n 85 24-4 1.53

The problem..."Doc" DID finish in the top five in 1985.  He finished fourth. 


While St. Louis speedster Willie McGee took home the award, it was his Cardinals teammate Tom Herr who finished fifth with 119 points.

Gooden finished with 162.  44 points behind third place finisher Pedro Guerrero...and 43 in front of Herr.

Now, you can go ahead and make jokes that Gooden's memory from 26 years ago might have been impaired, but I'll do you one better.

Last month...dude forgot he was married.

How Old is Albert Pujols?

Sure, it's something a lot of people have joked about for a while now given his maturity and hairline...but now, apparently, the Miami Marlins (and, reportedly, some others) are wondering the same thing.

According to the Miami Herald's Dan Le Batard, the Marlins are skeptical Pujols' real age and, thusly, not yet set on what they'll be offering the slugger.

"The total dollars are in dispute, depending on whom you believe, but the number of years offered is not," Le Batard reported this weekend. "Nine years. That's insanity, especially since, like a lot of teams, the Marlins believe Pujols to be older than the 31 he claims to be."

No one, really, has any reason to think that Pujols is older than what his bio says, but you can't blame the Marlins for checking it out given the money they're putting up.

Granted, Leo Nunez is nowhere near the caliber Pujols is, but if you recall, Miami got stung this past season when they found out that the reliever was actually older than he claimed to be...and playing under an assumed name.

The only way to figure out how old Pujols is, do what was suggested on Twitter..."cut him open and count the rings."

Mariners Outfielder Stabbed to Death

When news like this comes across the proverbial "wires"...there's really no way to begin the story other than just state the facts.

Seattle Mariners outfielder Greg Halman was stabbed to death in the Nethlerlands Monday morning becoming just the third active Major Leaguer to be murdered..

Police were called to a home early Monday morning and found the Dutch-born Halman bleeding from a stab wound.  The officers and ambulance paramedics were unable to resuscitate him.

Halman's 22-year-old brother Jason is in custody and being questioned by police.

"He is under arrest and right now he is being questioned," Rotterdam Police spokeswoman Patricia Wessels told The Associated Press. "It will take some time to figure out what exactly happened."

The 24-year-old Halman was the first Dutch player born, raised and developed completely in his homeland.

The power hitting prospect 35 games for the Mariners this past season, hitting .230 with two home runs and six RBI.  He was also part of the gold-medal winning Dutch squad at the 2007 European Championship.

November 19, 2011

David Price Has an Awesome Bowling Ball

I'm not a bowler.

And, obviously, this is not a bowling site.

That said, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price has a pretty awesome bowling ball.  So awesome, in fact, the lefty tweeted about it Saturday night.

It's not every day that your face ends up on a bowling ball, but in Price's was all for a good cause.

You see, Saturday night, Price's charity (Project One Four) held its annual bowling event and I, for one, think it is pretty cool that the two-time All-Star is continuing to give back to his hometown of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.