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November 3, 2011

He Got Charlie Hustled? Get It?!?

The baseball season has been over for less than a week and, somehow, this is what qualifies as news.

From the Thirty Mile Zone:

Baseball won't have him back and now, Pete Rose's dentist is pissed at him too...claiming the MLB legend has refused to pay for almost $3k in dental services.  Dr. Armen Terteryan is drillin' Rose for $2,915.00 for "dental services rendered and not paid for" back in 2010.

According to the lawsuit, filed in small claims court in L.A., the doc claims Rose agreed to the fees before "starting treatment"...though it's unclear which procedures were performed on the baseball star.

A small claims showdown has been scheduled for December 14th. Calls to Rose have not been returned.

I don't know about you, but I know I can't wait to see how this "showdown" shakes out.  If we're lucky...maybe it'll end up as the next "Trial of the Century".

Or maybe not.

Here's a suggestion on how we can help Rose pay back the dentist.  Let's pool together some money and buy one of the dinners the Hit King offers up over at his website.

This will be a once in a lifetime experience having dinner with Pete Rose.

You will eat at a first class restaurant in Las Vegas like The Palm, Smith & Wollensky, Nine Steakhouse or a similar restaurant of your choice. The minimum number of people is four and the price is $5,000.00. *For each additional person add an additional $1,000. The price includes the meal, with a limit of $100 for alcoholic beverages, and each person will also receive an autographed baseball signed by Pete at the table.

We believe that you should be alert for your dinner with Pete; this will be one of the funniest, entertaining, and interesting evenings you will ever experience. If you really want to give your customer or someone a special treat for a special occasion this is it.

Be alert?  If I'm eating at a first class restaurant "like" some of the ones better believe I will be alert!

Pitchers and catchers report when now?  I'm going on suicide watch.

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An people look up to these people