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November 21, 2011

Dwight Gooden is Forgetful

Your newly minted American League MVP Justin Verlander had a pretty good doubt about it.

The Detroit Tigers hurler won the pitching Triple Crown going 24-5 with a 2.40 ERA, 250 strikeouts.  And, if you recall, he threw his second career no-hitter back in May.

Now, while Twitter seems to be up in arms about the selection (settle down, boys!), former great Dwight Gooden is obviously confused.

Very happy for Justin Verlander glad 2 c pitchers get the recognition 4 the MVP,still dont know how I didn't finish in top 5 n 85 24-4 1.53

The problem..."Doc" DID finish in the top five in 1985.  He finished fourth. 


While St. Louis speedster Willie McGee took home the award, it was his Cardinals teammate Tom Herr who finished fifth with 119 points.

Gooden finished with 162.  44 points behind third place finisher Pedro Guerrero...and 43 in front of Herr.

Now, you can go ahead and make jokes that Gooden's memory from 26 years ago might have been impaired, but I'll do you one better.

Last month...dude forgot he was married.

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