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November 9, 2011

For Sale: Bill Murray's Old Swimming Pool

I only took two semesters of logic in college...but I think I have this one figured out.

Actor Bill Murray is a huge Chicago Cubs fan.

Bill Murray has a gazillion dollars.

Therefore, he probably spent far too much of it putting a Cubs logo at the bottom of his swimming pool.

Alright...I might be wrong.  And, perhaps, my two semesters of logic should've tipped me off to the fact that that was, quite possibly, the worst way to get into a story about Bill Murray having a swimming pool with a Cubs logo in it.

But here's the can now own that pool.

Yeah, it's true!  It's gonna cost you though.

Need proof it's his?  He's an excerpt from a random blog I found!

And besides, if I hadn’t talked to him, how would I have known that Bill Murray (the actor extraordinaire, not scientist extraordinaire) also frequents Kennebunkport, or that in Mr. Murray’s New York home he has a large Cubs logo on the bottom of his outdoor pool which is clearly visible from the flight patterns of planes to the NYC area airports.

Apparently, back in the day (the early 90s are officially "the day" by the way), the comedic actor bought the Palisades, New York house and outfitted it with both a Cubs pool (cool?) and a fire pole from "Ghostbusters" (much cooler).

And, at the time, it was worth close to five million dollars.

Now, current owners, Oscar-winning composer David Shire and his wife Didi Conn have the 5100 square foot estate on the market for close to half of that.

So, gang, if you're a fan of Murray, the Cubs, "Ghostbusters" or "that one chick from 'Grease'"...this is the house for you!

And in case you needed more pictures of the HERE!

***Props to Paul over at Uni-Watch for making this thing bounce around my head.***


Anonymous said...

I've got a Cubs the bottom of my toilet!

Anonymous said...

I've got a Cubs logo... in my Urinal! Small world- Huh?

Anonymous said...

An obvious question nobody seems to be addressing: Why is it for sale?

Jesus Melendez said...

My guess would be that it is for sale because the current owners don't want to live there anymore.

Just a hunch. real estate listings EVER tell you WHY the owners are looking to leave?