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November 29, 2011

Introducing...The Bobby Burger!

Not that long ago, you'd have had a hard time walking through any major city without stumbling across a sports-themed restaurant.

And, chances are, if I vacationed in that city...I visited it.  Unfortunately, I never made it to Chiba, Japan.

Why you ask?

The Bobby Burger!

Oh, it's a real thing and, apparently..."It's a Home Run!"

You see, when the Boston Red Sox new manager Bobby Valentine was the kantoku (look it up) for the Chiba Lotte Marines he designed this "magical burger".

And how you ask?  According to the Lotteria...well, just keep reading.

First, Bobby looked at all the veggies, and chose pineapple to be the leadoff hitter. Extra cheese then moved the "pine" over, and barbecue sauce loaded the bases. Now a taste of that magical Bobby Burger – It’s a Home Run!

Your move, Wahlburgers.


The Bobby Burger

It’s Magic!

(john keegan dot org)

At least it’s not fried chicken.

***Props to Old Time Baseball for spreading joy to all the land.*** 

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