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November 10, 2011

Japan to Manny: "No Thanks"

With nothing else going on in sports, I, for one, am glad we still have Manny Ramirez to count on to make news.

According to ESPN's Jayson Stark...the 2004 World Series MVP had a workout in Florida a couple weeks ago for Japan's Fukuoka Softbank Hawks...but the workout "didn't go well."

And they consider Matt Murton good.

This, from

"The Japanese don't like 'baggage' in a player," the source told Stark, "no matter how talented he might be." We're not sure why the Hawks didn't know about Manny's baggage before the workout, but, regardless, it appears that heading overseas might not be an option for the 39-year-old. Ramirez wants to return to baseball next season, but if it's with a major league team, he'll have to serve a 100-game suspension for a second positive PED test.

Back in April when Ramirez disappeared from the baseball world, I hoped that that wouldn't be the last we heard of the slugger.

Something tells me...dude's story is not over yet.

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