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November 5, 2011

The "Jose Canseco Lawsuit" Update

Alright, internet, let's make a deal.  When Jose Canseco stops making "news"...I'll stop regurgitating it.

The other day, I told you about how the former slugger is contemplating suing the North American Baseball League for money he was owed.

And today?  Update!

According to NBC affiliate KYMA in Yuma..."hazardous waste removal" is one of the reasons the NABL didn't make good on dude's salary.

The other..."violating league rules".  Ooops.

Read for yourself.

In an e-mail sent to KYMA-TV, North American Baseball League CEO Kevin Outcalt says that Canseco never received his full salary due to a number of violations against the league. Outcalt states Canseco was fined $16,000 by North American League Baseball Operations Director Harry Stavrenos for "violating league rules." Outcalt clarified this charge later in a phone interview, saying Canseco was originally fined $25,000 for forfeiting and refusing to put his team on the field for a game in Chico this past August. After a league review of the violation, the fine was reduced to $16,000.

The e-mail also alleges that Canseco stuck the league with a $3,500 dollar bill for damages and cleaning that included the removal of "hazardous waste material" from the house Canseco rented on Martinez Lake.
The total sum of $19,500 was deducted from his contract.
So...about that hazardous waste.
KYMA-TV also reached out to Yuma General Manager Jose Melendez, who lived with Jose Canseco this season on Martinez Lake. Melendez says the damages done to the house were largely from Canseco's dog, a great dane named "Bruce." Broken screen doors, stains on carpets and couches, and patio damage were among some items for which tenants were charged. Melendez says that some of the charges are legitimate(screen doors, patio damage), but there are still some cleaning/travel charges they are disputing with the realtor.
On the plus side, Melendez (a decent dude and a good friend of The Hall, by the way) says Canseco already has plans to join Pete Rose in an "autograph and appearance business" in Las Vegas this coming winter.

To be continued...

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