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November 18, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen...Mr. Meat! Wait. What?!?

Bob Uecker has had an interesting life, no?

After a below average six-year Major League career, Uecker has found himself inducted into a handful of Halls of Fame.  Let's break it down.

In 1998, the Milwaukee native was inducted into the Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame.  Three years later, it was the National Radio Hall of Fame. 

In 2003..."Mr. Baseball" was forever immortalized in Cooperstown when he received the Ford C. Frick Award.

In 2005 and 2009, he was added to the Milwaukee Brewers' "Ring of Honor" and the Milwaukee Braves' "Wall of Honor" respectively.

And speaking of "rings" (see what I did there?), Uecker even found himself enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2010.

But here's where it gets weird.

Did you know that in May 2010, the former catcher was inducted into the Wisconsin Meat Industry Hall of Fame?

Yeah.  Me neither.

Well, there is.  It was established in 1993, resides at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Meat Science Laboratory and, for some reason, found it necessary to enshrine the longtime Brewers announcer.

From the Wisconsin Meat Industry Hall of Fame's website:

Bob Uecker’s voice as a radio announcer for baseball has been skillfully and professionally used with elegant expertise, humor and subtleness to advertize and promote meat on a daily basis (about 162, three-hour broadcasts annually) for nearly 40 years. He is one of Wisconsin’s most famous and accomplished marketing voices for the Wisconsin meat industry. He voluntarily and spontaneously talks about meat as a tasty, nutritious food that deserves the attention of consumers. Occasionally Uecker will enthusiastically suggest to his radio listeners that they set up the grill for hamburgers at a tailgate party or serve delicious beef steaks, pork chops, fried chicken or fish filets for a weekend party or a golf outing.

In this role as the Brewers radio voice, Bob Uecker continues as a unique, humorous, educational, interesting and positive influence in marketing the virtues of meat as one of Wisconsin’s finest foods.  Not only is he “Mr. Baseball” for the Milwaukee Brewers, he is also “Mr. Meat” for Wisconsin’s meat industry.

Alright,'s the plan.

Right there on the Hall of Fame's website, it asks for nominations.  And while it is a head scratcher why Bob Uecker is is a travesty that the famed Klements Racing Sausages are not.

So...let's make it happen.

All we need to do, apparently, is fill out a nomination form and send it in.

I mean, if John, George and Ronald Klement were good enough to be inducted in 2005...doesn't it stand to reason that their racing meats should get in in 2012?

***Props to Old Time Family Baseball for uncovering this gem.***

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Anonymous said...

Well heck yes!! Good ole Bob is a world class meathead who's full of baloney as you can get! That ain't bad for an ole turkey. And, he's such a HAM! So, what's YOUR beef?