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November 5, 2011

Nails Bails on Fight

Stop me if this has ever happened to you.

It's Saturday night, and while the rest of the world is watching the LSU-Alabama contest and all you can think about it the upcoming "boxing" match between Jose Canseco and Lenny Dykstra.

Surprisingly, you forget about the bout (probably due to falling asleep during a Jim Carrey movie) between the former All-Stars and end up running to the computer to see if the results have been posted anywhere.

Then, you get hit with the news...Lenny Dykstra pulled out of the match (dubbed the "Battle of the Baseball Bad Boys") after being paid five grand earlier in the week.

Or did he?

For some reason, the Philadelphia Inquirer is all over this disaster.

(Fight promoter Damon) Feldman said moments ago that he and main promoter Alki David met Dykstra on Thursday and paid him cash. The former Phillies star was to receive another $10,000 after the fight but informed promoters around 6 EST tonight that he would not show up.

Dan Herman, who until severing ties tonight with Dykstra had served as a manager for him, arranged Dykstra's participation in the bout and confirmed that Dykstra was paid a portion of his purse in advance and has pulled out of the fight. "I grew up idolizing Lenny Dykstra but it was all a lie," Herman said.

So, wait...this thing was all just a way for the phormer Phillie (see what I did there?) to cash a check?

There's more!

Fox 29 meterologist John Bolaris, a friend of Dykstra's for more than 15 years, tweeted days ago that Dykstra was never actually scheduled to fight.

UPDATE: Just spoke with a friend of Dykstra's who says that Lenny had never signed on to fight Canseco and did not receive any money from the promoters.

Now, I don't know what/who to believe!

But now I know this.

If there is anyone out there that can soil the integrity of Canseco's "boxing" "career" or a "celebrity" "boxing" event featuring the likes of Coolio and Joey Buttafuoco...his name is Lenny Dykstra.

Wow...that was a lot of quotes.  "Quotes"?


Florida Car said...

What a shame after all the money these Guys made that they need to resort to this. If they are just Brawlers, ok, but previous stories show these Guys are in need of money.

Anonymous said...

If they thought Lenny Dykstra would actually honor the deal, then they deserve to get swindled. This guy is an absolute crook. He's even swindled his own mother. If you, the author, don't know who to believe then you just need to do a little research.