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November 7, 2011

Raul Ibanez Joins Phillies Greats Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton in Cooperstown

When it comes to players making it to the Hall of Fame, you're either "in" or "buying a ticket like the rest of us".

Well, this past weekend, Raul Ibanez did the latter...and in the process, made history by becoming the the first active Major Leaguer to spend the night in the Museum.

The Philadelphia Phillies outfielder joined a group of more than 40 that had an exclusive experience to learn more about baseball's history and see the game's treasures before calling it a night in sleeping bags on the floor of the hallowed Hall.

"To be a part of this, to see the artifacts and the history of the game, is just a tremendously humbling experience," Ibanez said in a story that appeared over at The Hall of Fame's website. "I'm in awe of the history and the greatness of what has been achieved and what is documented about the game."

Oh, before you ask, no, Ibanez and his group didn't just wander in and spend the night...they took part in the Museum's "Extra Innings Overnight" program in Cooperstown.

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