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November 8, 2011

Ryno to the Cardinals? "It's a Possibility"

Almost as exciting as the eventual hot stove action is the talk of what skipper is going to end up where.

The St. Louis Cardinals, Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs all have managerial vacancies and, depending on which way the tide is flowing...each have a frontrunner to take the top job.

While, the Red Sox and Cubs seem to have some of the candidates in the mind...the World Champion Cardinals is looking at a former rival to help lead them back to the postseason.

And according to, well, everyone, Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg might have the inside track.

This from the Chicago Sun-Times:

Sandberg, 52, was contacted almost immediately by the Cardinals after manager Tony La Russa announced his retirement Monday. The Cardinals sought permission to interview him and were granted it by the Philadelphia Phillies, who hired Sandberg to manage their Class AAA team last fall after former Cubs general manager Jim Hendry let him go.

“I’ll be interviewing with the Cardinals,” Sandberg said Wednesday. “It’s on the calendar in the near future, so that’s the next thing for me. As of right now, that’s been the only call.”

So, on this, the 10,000 "day-versary" (props to Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times) of "The Sandberg Game" (look it up, people), it's fitting that the Thirty Mile Zone caught up with "Ryno" in Malibu.


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