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November 12, 2011

Shaq Wants to Fight Jose Canseco

Last week at this time, word came that Lenny Dykstra had dropped out of his "celebrity" boxing match against fellow shamed former big leaguer Jose Canseco.

Thankfully that bout never took place because, in its wake, we were graced with a barrage of anti-semitic tweets from Dykstra and a potential new foe for Canseco.

Ladies and gentlemen...enter "Shaq the Pugilist".

What up Dana white I wanna fight Jose conseco hook it up

Sure, O'Neal mispelled "Canseco", but c'mon...we all know who he meant and, honestly, wouldn't you want to see that fight?

Also, it wouldn't be the first time the 7'1" behemoth has set foot in the ring.  The four-time NBA champ has squared off against both Oscar de la Hoya and "Sugar" Shane Mosley on his show "Shaq Vs.".

Your move Canseco.  We both know you love a paycheck.


Anonymous said...

I went to this exhibition fight and you know this is the first time I have seen the replay of this fight and to me it still looked like Shaq kicked his butt. WE were sitting ringside and Mosley was out of breathe for over half of the fight, he kept clinching up everytime Shaq got close in, his right eye was almost closed and the left side of his nose was bleeding at the end of round 2. Everybody who was at the fight though that Shaq got cheated out of the win because he was just doing it for fun and Mosley does it for a living and it would make his worth at his next fight go down. I guess you could call it "boxing politcally correctness"

Anonymous said...

I would pay over $200 PPV to see this. This fight has the potential to set the world PPV record.World's greatest baseball player vs. world's greatest basketball player.

Anonymous said...

I love it: "Sure, O'Neal mispelled "Canseco", but c'mon...we all know who he meant" then in the next sentence "Also, it wouldn't be the first time the 7'1" bohemoth". Irony.

Anonymous said...

WORLD'S GREATEST BASEBALL PLAYER? wha...? who...? huh...? you must be funnin'.

Jesus Melendez said...

Good catch on the "bohemoth"'s since been changed.

Dick Nuggets said...

Heard Canseco requested that it be an oiled down wrestling match instead....

Anonymous said...

If it was a food fight, Shaq would eat up the competition. GET IN MY BELLY!!!!

Anonymous said...

so many dont know boxing, shaq bulldozing in like a clumsy elephant may look imposing, but that fact is mosely cut him to pieces.

Anonymous said...

of course Shaq can't spell, he's a dummy ! DUH !

Anonymous said...

Shaq missed Brad Miller's noggin from 2 feet away because he punches like a paraplegic cow.

Maybe if they do MMA instead, Shaq could fall on Canseco and start chewing on his leg or something.

But Shaq box?
God no.
I dont want to see him or Magic take their shirts off.

Anonymous said...

1 of the funniest ever was
Shaq vs Joey Chestnut
in a hot dog eating contest.
I watch that on YouTube whenever I want to laugh.