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December 29, 2011

A-Rod Dating Former WWE Diva

There was a lot of talk a while back about Alex Rodriguez having a "type" when it comes to the women he dates.

Given his track record, the New York Yankees slugger likes them buff and blonde and considering his new squeeze is a former WWE Diva...he's staying true to form.

According to numerous reports (including a number of wrestling sites and The New York Daily News), Rodriguez spent the holidays in Boise, Idaho with Torrie Wilson.

Boise TV news anchor Mike Murad told the Daily News he was at Axiom Fitness Monday when the top-paid player in Major League Baseball walked in with Wilson, a retired World Wrestling Entertainment star.

Murad said he asked if he could take a photo, but A-Rod declined, saying, “I’m trying to keep a low profile.”

And, wouldn't you know it...this wasn't the first time the two were spotted together.

Earlier this month, Rodriguez and Wilson, both 36, were photographed riding bikes in Miami.  And right before Christmas, the pair were spotted in Cabo San Lucas with George Clooney and his lady (another former WWE star and ex-roommate of Wilson), Stacey Kiebler.

Rodriguez has been linked to a number of women since his divorce in 2008.  Wilson, also divorced since 2008, was married to pro wrestler Billy Kidman...I guess you could say the former Playboy covergirl has a type as well.

But I'll leave the steroid jokes up to you.

***Above picture "borrowed" from***

Introducing..."Kid Jong-il"

I'm not sure why (peer pressure, something in my DNA?)...but I'm just not that into the New York Yankees.

That said, I do have some favorite Yankees fans.

First on the list, Hall favorite "Bald Vinny" Milano of the famed "Bleacher Creatures". 

Next, the dude who shot and killed Moammar Gadhafi.

And the latest entry to that short, short list...the kid (I'm calling him "Kid Jong-il") whose parents let him wear an "NY" lid to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il's funeral.

As Paul Lukas over at Uni Watch points out:

Seeing a Bronx Bombers chapeau in Libya is one thing; seeing one in North f*cking Korea — the most God-forsaken place on Earth, where virtually any trace of Western culture (to say nothing of American League East culture) is anathema — must surely qualify as one of the least likely uni sightings in history.

Something tells me that this is the first time a Yankees lid has been worn on a Korean in public since Chan Ho Park pitched for the Bronx.  And, yes, save the comments...I know Park was South Korea.  It was a joke people.

But, seriously, outside of a buddy of mine who claims wearing a Steve Grogan throwback jersey to a fancy restaurant led to his divorce...can you think of a less appropriate place to don some apparel of your favorite team?

I'm just glad "Kid Jong-il" was wearing a real Yankees cap and not some multi-colored one.

I'll let you make the Fred Durst jokes...I've got to believe there are plenty.

A Year of Talkin' Baseball: 2011

A "Bleacher Creature", a Hall of Famer and two ballhawks.  Individually, they mean precious little, but collectively, they've each touched the collective heart of this website.

And much like last year, I take great pleasure in bringing you the best of what has become my favorite part of doing this site...talkin' baseball with whoever will respond. 

Click the BOLD text to read the entire Kato-free piece!

Hall Favorite JOSE CANSECO...Almost (January)

Do you work for free because I don't if you want your rating to skyrocket then negotiate a deal with me I am the only 1 that really knows what was really going on

And speaking of Canseco (I know, I know), two of the biggest stories to come from his stint as the manager of the Yuma Scorpions was his hiring by team General Manager JOSE MELENDEZ (May) and the on air resignation of Lake County Fielders announcer QUMAR ZAMAN (July).

"Survivor" Hall of Fame Creator GORDON HOLMES (February)

I’m going with the alliance that is going to put a million dollar check in my pocket. I’m going to start off with Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa. While I’m making good with the rest of the tribe, he’ll be off going over every possible jury combination. When he would interact with the tribe, they’d hate him because he wouldn’t take off his sunglasses under any circumstances.

Hall of Famer ANDRE DAWSON (April)

Well, Barry (Bonds) did what he did (but) the record probably is tainted as a result of the steroid scandal. Hank Aaron was a guy that I idolized growing up because his journey to get to where he was and how he accomplished what he did. To me, he’ll always be the all-time home run king.

Third Generation Broadcaster JOSH CARAY (April)

The people who "expect" me to be another Harry/Skip/Chip are generally people who don't know this industry and all the politics that go into it. My grandfather and father could get away with a lot of things that I cannot.

Former First Round Pick JOSH BOOTY (June)

Shaq is a bud…a great guy that everyone loves. He used to come by my apartment in college and it scared my Jack Russell terrier to death when he walked in. My dog would bark non-stop.

My Favorite Ballhawks TIMMY ANDERSON (August) and ZACK HAMPLE (October).

I'd like to have my hands on a milestone homerun, whether it be from Bonds or someone's 500th or 600th. Imagine having a Babe Ruth homerun ball? Wow.

"Bleacher Creature" BALD VINNY (July)

My only feat of strength is that I’m a loud motherf*cker. I was kind of anointed the job by Tina Lewis, who is our Queen Bee. She is the one who asked me to start and as it turns out…I’m really loud. It was “you did a really good job yesterday…do you want to do it today?” “Okaaaaaay.” After that it sorta took on a life of its own.

VH1's "Baseball Wives" Husband KRIS BENSON (December)

Anna's in her element. She was the first wife to make it cool to follow sports wives and for players wives to pose in magazines and spreads. Now everyone does it! Google it up.

In addition to the cast of characters above...I also touched base with three of my favorite baseball writers...MATTHEW SILVERMAN (April), DAN EPSTEIN (May) and JEFF PEARLMAN (October).

But, I think my favorite posts are the ones that include personal favorites.  WGN's NICK DIGILIO offered up his favorite baseball movies (September) and, for no reason, Tampa Bay Rays superstar SAM FULD shared his favorite superhero (June) and holiday films (December).

Which was your favorite?  Please sound off in the comments section below!


December 28, 2011

Deion Sanders' Daughter Goes Off!

As 2011 winds down, can we safely call the 32 tweet barrage by Deion Sanders' daughter (naturally named Deiondra, of course), the Twitter Rant of the Year?

It all started when the current (and future ex) wife of the former big league outfielder and NFL Hall of Famer claimed she found out about her pending divorce via TMZ.

Suffice it to say, Deiondra didn't take Pilar Sanders' actions all that well...and knew her famous pops would be none too happy with her outburst.

Some choice samples:

LIES! LIES! ALL PILAR DO IS LIE!! wait till i leave this office



Two thoughts.

First...finding out "Prime Time" named his daughter "Deiondra" might be one of my favorite acts of narcissism (or is it nepotism?) since George Foreman named all his kids after himself. it safe to say Deiondra and Pilar probably didn't exchange presents this holiday season?

***Props to Black Sports Online for posting all of Deiondra's tweets.***

December 27, 2011

A Chip Off the Old Doc?

I've gotta think that when Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry and the rest of the band of misfits from the 1986 New York Mets got together to make a rap song...they thought they were on to something.

I mean, Steve Fuller and Mike Singletary made it all look so effortless when they recorded the "SuperBowl Shuffle" less than a year before.

But I've got news for you "Get Metsmerized!", even though you've included an exclamation point in your title (and a reference to George Foster's "black bat" in your song)'re no "SuperBowl Shuffle".

Exclamation point!

And if you want some the YouTube comments. 

While he might not have gotten his Dad's's safe to say that Dwight Jr. (born just before the Mets 1986 championship season) also didn't get his famous father's rapping skills.

And yes, that's actually a compliment.

Lil' Doc's been at the rap game for a while now and his new single is, as the kids say, about to drop.  Enjoy.  And then listen to "Get Metsmerized!" again.

This Week in Baseball Cards: December 27

Oh, Christmas...we hardly knew ye.

Last week, Hall contributor Bo Rosny posted a nifty little gem about Todd Stottlemyre's 1993 Upper Deck.  Honestly, as a former collector myself...I love it when card companies have a little fun and include an Easter egg every now and then.

With's Bo with his weekly installment of This Week in Baseball Cards!

That 1987 Yankees spring training promo sure brought back memories for me. I probably watched that game on WPIX as a nine-year-old.  That was the spring where minor league pitcher Steve George achieved his greatest baseball fame by impersonating Al Leiter on his baseball card.

Spring training is a time for all kind of hijinks. Pictures of Don Mattingly in drag this week bring back memories of Barry Bonds as a steroidal Paula Abdul. This would be a great baseball card some day, though it will probably up to some fan to make an unlicensed one.

And speaking of unlicensed cards, French Met fan Amelie Mancini is making a bizarre custom card set called Left Field Cards. The first series, Bizarre Injuries, is out now and available for purchase on her website. Future series include Edible All-Stars, Curious Second Careers and, most excitingly for HOVG fans, Remarkable Mustaches.

And remember, gang, you can check out Bo's daily insights over at his site...Baseball Cards Come to Life.

December 23, 2011

A Very Merry (Baseball) Christmas

This past week, some Hall of Very Good regulars dropped by to spread cheer and, in the process...suggest some last minute gift ideas, share a few of their favorite holiday standards and suggest some classic movies.

All that aside, the question on my mind is this...what's in a name this holiday season?

Since Major League Baseball was founded 140 years ago, close to 20,000 men have stepped between the foul lines and taken their turn at America's pasttime.

Thankfully, a handful of them have done their best to keep the spirit of Christmas alive throughout the baseball season.

So, with all apologies to my Jewish brothers (I'm looking your way Ryan Braun and Sandy Koufax) allow me to regale you with some thoughts on the longstanding partnership between baseball and December 25.  I mean, what would the dog days of summer be like without such popular holiday staples like Ebenezer "Ed" Beatin, Frosty Thomas or even George Bailey?
And what about Charles Dickens Bold?  I don't know if he could write a story, but I do know that in his only at bat with the St. Louis Browns, well...he struck out.
Perhaps the classics aren't your thing and you'd rather hear a song?
No, no, Burl Ives never played baseball professionally...but both Brett and Jamey Carroll are active and I'm willing to bet they could hum you a tune.
"Granny Hamner got ran over by a Rob Deer" anyone?  Anyone?!?
Maybe some jingling Bell(e)s ("Cool Papa", Heath or even Albert) are more your style.  To be honest, you could fill a team full of them, but more on that later.
You'd be hard pressed to find a Santa or a Claus that played ball (former infielder Billy Klaus comes closest), but let's face it...without his four-legged friends, he's kinda worthless.  And yeah, I'm talking about Dasher Troy, Rolff Dancer, the "Cuban Comet" Minnie Minoso, Cupid Childs and Joe "Blitzen" Benz
But what about "the most famous reindeer of all"?
No...not "Reindeer Bill" Killefer.  I'm talking about 152 game winner, and former Yankee hurler, Rudolph "Rudy" May.
Anyway, in the spirit of former catcher Steve are The Hall's Top Five Major Leaguers to remember this Christmas.
Colorado Rockies (2004–2008), Oakland Athletics (2009) and St. Louis Cardinals (2009–present)
Holliday will enter 2012 with a career batting average of .315, 202 home runs and 770 RBI.  The five-time All-Star was, in 2007, awarded the NLCS MVP.  Not too shabby.

J.T. SNOW, First Base
New York Yankees (1992), California Angels (1993–1996), San Francisco Giants (1997–2005), Boston Red Sox (2006) and San Francisco Giants (2008)
Known as a spectacular fielder, Snow won six-straight (1995-2000) Gold Gloves throughout his 16-year career.  His career numbers...a .268 batting average, 1509 hits, 189 home runs and 877 RBI.
IVAN DeJESUS, Shortstop
Los Angeles Dodgers (1974-1976), Chicago Cubs (1977-1981), Philadelphia Phillies (1982-1984), St. Louis Cardinals (1985), New York Yankees (1986), San Francisco Giants (1987) and Detroit Tigers (1988)
Perhaps the most noteworthy accomplishment of DeJesus (other than somehow lasting 15 years in the Majors and leading the National League in runs scored in 1978)...being the punchline to the question "who did the Phillies trade future Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg for again?"

Chicago White Sox (2000–2007), Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (2008), Arizona Diamondbacks (2009, Los Angeles Dodgers (2009), San Diego Padres (2010) and Los Angeles Dodgers (2011)
Quietly, Garland strung together a streak of nine consecutive years (2002-2010) with double-digit victories and for his career, the member of the 2005 World Champions has 132 victories and a 4.32 ERA.
COOKIE ROJAS, Second Base/Manager
As a player...Cincinnati Reds (1962), Philadelphia Phillies (1963–1969), St. Louis Cardinals (1970) and Kansas City Royals (1970–1977)
As a manager...California Angels (1988) and Florida Marlins (1996)
Rojas was a five-time All-Star in his 16 year playing career...and even made it to four straight games (1971-1974) while with the Royals.  While with the Phillies, Rojas played at least one game at all nine positions in the field, including pitcher and catcher.  As a manager, he posted a career 76-79 record.
As previous could put together an entire team of Bells.  That said, Gus, Buddy and David make up a rare three-generation Major League family.  In his 15-year career, Gus Bell hit .281 and was an All-Star four times.  His son Buddy managed close to the same batting average (.279), while stacking up more than 2500 hits.  From 1979 to 1984, he brought home six Gold Gloves.  And lastly...David.  In 2004, he hit for the cycle while with the Phillies...joining his grandfather to become the only grandfather-grandson duo in Major League history to accomplish the feat.

And yeah...Merry Christmas, everyone.


December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas from John Axford

I actually think one of my favorite things about Milwaukee Brewers closer John Axford isn't the award-winning mustache he cultivated throughout this past's that he has a pretty good sense of humor about himself.

Can you think of another pro athlete on Twitter that would "Elf" himself and share the results to his 38,000 closest friends?

I can't.

Click through to see the entire video.

5 Days of Christmas: Sam Fuld

You're going to be reading a ton of Christmas-related posts during this, the week leading up to the anniversary of the birth of the baby Jesus...and this site is no different.

All this week, The Hall is presenting the "Five Days of Christmas". That's right, five straight days of one of The Hall's most popular features...the "Friday 5".

Earlier this season, Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Sam Fuld broke down his five favorite superhero movies. the spirit of the season, here are "Super" Sam's favorite holiday flicks.

Love Actually (2003, directed by Richard Curtis)
Says Sam:  I'm an unabashed sucker for rom-coms.

It's a Wonderful Life  (1946, directed by Frank Capra)
Says Sam:  Jimmy Stewart is unreal in this, I try to watch it every year.

Elf  (2003, directed by Jon Favreau)
Says Sam:  Will Ferrell in tights...enough said.

Home Alone  (1990, directed by Chris Columbus)
Says Sam:  So good they made a Home Alone 4.

Polar Express  (2004, directed by Robert Zemeckis)
Says Sam:  I loved the book as a Tom Hanks.

December 21, 2011

Jon Bon Jovi...Still Not Dead

Hey, internet, Jon Bon Jovi still isn't dead.

That has been a long time since he was providing the score for New York Yankees promos.  And man, isn't it sure is good to see some of those old Yankees.  Anymore...the only time we see them is in drag.

***Props to Craig Robinson for tweeting this clip.***

5 Days of Christmas: Ashkon

You're going to be reading a ton of Christmas-related posts during this, the week leading up to the anniversary of the birth of the baby Jesus...and this site is no different.

All this week, The Hall is presenting the "Five Days of Christmas". That's right, five straight days of one of The Hall's most popular features...the "Friday 5".


And in case you were in the need for some suggestions on what to listen to...our favorite San Francisco Giants fan (and a decent singer in his own right) Ashkon Davaran has some suggestions.

Jingle Bell Rock
Ashkon says: 
A timeless classic.

Little Drummer Boy
Ashkon says:  It's just so...epic.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Ashkon says:  Always loved Rudolph as a kid.  Great underdog story.

Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
Ashkon says:  I had to get Lennon up in here.

All I Want for Christmas is You
Ashkon says:  Mariah.  Guilty Pleasure.

But if you really want a modern holiday've gotta check out Ashkon's "Shake it Like a Snowglobe".

December 20, 2011

Another Day...Another Theatrical Endeavor

In the past week, we've seen Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly as Mother Ginger in a community theater performance of "The Nutcracker" and the Washington Nationals taking the stage with The Washington Ballet.
Now...comes this:

It's a theatrical "grand slam!" Chicago White Sox Manager Robin Ventura and nine-year-old Emily Beazley of the Make-A-Wish Foundation make a one-night-only special appearance in A Christmas Carol on Wednesday, December 21 at 7:30pm. Ventura and Beazley don costumes tailored especially for them and make their Goodman Theatre debut in select scenes of the 34th annual production of Chicago's favorite holiday tradition.

Ventura probably won't be "donning" a dress (see what I did there?), but, did I miss the call to action pleading for the baseball community to take part in theatrical endeavors?

If so...I'm hoping pitcher-turned-author John Rocker gets asked to do "Rent" or someone solicits Alex Rodriguez to play the lead centaur in "Equus".

And, yes, that's the second "Equus" reference in a week...for the one of you who is counting.

5 Days of Christmas: Jonah Keri

You're going to be reading a ton of Christmas-related posts during this, the week leading up to the anniversary of the birth of the baby Jesus...and this site is no different.

All this week, The Hall is presenting the "Five Days of Christmas". That's right, five days straight of one of The Hall's most popular features...the "Friday 5".


In just a few weeks, we're going to find out if anyone will be voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame by the BBWAA and one guy who has taken the time to break down the ballot every which way is New York Times bestselling author Jonah Keri.

And if Keri had his way...these are the five, er, six guys on the current Hall of Fame ballot who would have their Christmas dreams fulfilled.

1.  Tim Raines
Raines’ worthiness has been documented at length. He’s the best pure base stealer of all-time, swiping 808 bases at an 85% success rate...easily the highest rate of success for any base stealer at or near that frequency. He also reached base more times in his career than Roberto Clemente, Tony Gwynn or Lou Brock. Replace 400 of Raines’ walks with singles and he has 3,000 hits and strolls into the Hall. Or just replace, say, 600 Raines walks with 400 singles and 200 outs...he’s an inferior player at that point, but he still has his 3,000 hits, and he’s in.

2.  Jeff Bagwell
There are three plausible reasons for why Bagwell didn't get in on last year's ballot:
  • Voters are extremely reluctant to vote for players on their first ballot, unless they've had extraordinary careers. This is the Joe DiMaggio argument. If Joe D didn't get in on his first try, why should Player X make it?
  • Suspicion of PED use. There is no hard evidence to suggest Bagwell used. We're not doctors. We don't try to fake our way through brain surgery. Let's not feign expertise when it comes to outing PED users either.
  • Bagwell gets lumped in with all the other slugging first basemen of his era. I am slightly more attuned to this argument. It is certainly true that the era in which Bagwell played featured a cavalcade of first baseman who can mash (partly due to PED use), but likely even more so because of smaller ballparks, smaller strike zones, and other factors. And Bagwell did fall a bit short of some round numbers, just missing a .300 lifetime batting average (.297) and falling more than a bit short of 500 homers (449).
3.  Barry Larkin
Last year, Larkin bagged the highest percentage of the vote (62.1 percent) for any player who didn't gain the 75 percent needed for induction. History tells us that players who fare that well in the voting on their first two tries are a lock to eventually gain induction sooner than later. He might even get in now, in a very weak year for first-time candidates.  Apply a sniff test, or a numerical test, and he should get in.

4.  Mark McGwire
And here we come to a player who actually has acknowledged using PEDs. There are any number of ways to handle a player like McGwire, with no perfect answer to quandary. My stance: It's a tiebreaker, that's about it. We know many players used in McGwire's era, and we know that offensive conditions were extremely favorable to players even without chemical helpers. So if a player is borderline by statistical standards and has either admitted to using or been busted for it, I'll leave him off my fake ballot. McGwire was not borderline.

5.  Edgar Martinez
There's some merit to the argument that a designated hitter should be highly scrutinized when weighing his Hall of Fame worth, given their lack of defensive value. But Edgar was a godless hitting machine, hitting .312/.418/.515, placing 44th all time in WPA. He benefited from the hitter-friendly Kingdome in the early part of his career, but then continued to rake at Safeco Field, a nightmare of a ballpark for right-handed power hitters. The Mariners' near-sightedness prevented Edgar from cracking the everyday lineup until age 27; even the biggest DH haters would likely back him had he broken in three or four years earlier. But there's no need to play what-if here. He gets my vote.

6.  Alan Trammell
There's a running theme to all of these picks: Each one requires nuance to properly evaluate their skills. Now if you're an extreme Small Hall voter (or fan) who believes Cooperstown should enshrine Ruth, Mays, and maybe five other guys, Trammell's not your man. But if we're going by existing Hall of Fame standards, Trammell is a worthy choice. His career looks fairly similar to Larkin's, with comparable career value to Ozzie Smith (66.9 WAR for Trammell, 64.6 for Ozzie). The Hall of Fame doesn't get diminished if Trammell gets in. If anything, Tram and double play partner Lou Whitaker (69.7 WAR, but somehow off the ballot for not even getting the needed 5% to stay on) should go in together, with the spirit of Ernie Harwell ushering them in.

You can check out Keri's entire ballot breakdown over at Grantland or better yet...head on over to Amazon and buy his latest book, The Extra 2%: How Wall Street Strategies Took a Major League Baseball Team from Worst to First.

December 19, 2011

This Week in Baseball Cards: December 20

Week in and week out, Bo Rosny drops by and ties his world (baseball cards) to The Hall of Very Good.  And, man...if you're not checking out Bo's slice of the're missing out.

With he his with This Week in Baseball Cards!

Barry Bonds is going to serve house arrest in a mansion with a huge pool and more rooms than days in his sentence. It sure does make the home that Randy Wolf bought for $6 million from Slash look like a hovel by comparison.

So, clean-cut quarterback Tim Tebow could have been a baseball player? So could less-clean cut running back Ricky Williams, who toiled in the Phillies minor league system for a couple of years. Imagine if he was traded to the Red Sox and was a teammate of Manny Ramirez?

Finally, the lights bulbs have been busted in the Wrigley Field neon sign. That’s not the only strange thing that goes on in the dark near the Friendly Confines. Click the link to read about Kevin Mitchell famously said, “Painting nuts ain’t fun.”

And remember, gang, you can check out Bo's daily insights over at his site...Baseball Cards Come to Life.

Chan Ho Park is Heading Home to Korea

Last year at this time, it was announced that the Majors winningest Asian-born pitcher was heading to Japan.

Monday, word came that Chan Ho Park Park would be introduced as the newest member of the Hanwha Eagles in the Korea Baseball Organization.

"I plan to spend the rest of my career helping to develop Korean baseball," the former All-Star said. "I'd like to help young players perform in an even better environment and stay focused on the game."

The Eagles inked the righty to a one-year deal worth 24 million won or $20,547.  Sure, it's a far cry from the $15 million a year he once made for the Texas Rangers, but Park is opting to go with the league minimum.

And dude has his reasons.

Reports were that the Eagles had planned to pay Park 400 million won per season (close to $350,000) with a club option for another 200 million won.  Instead...that money will be donated to charity.


In 17 years with seven different clubs, the 38-year-old Park was 124-98 with a 4.36 ERA.  And in four appearances during the 2009 World Series...managed a 0.00 ERA.

Don Mattingly in Drag?

In a couple of weeks, we'll know whether or not New York Yankees legend Don Mattingly will be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

And while he probably won't (he was at just 13.6% last year)'s probably a good thing.

No, not because he isn't a viable candidate, one could argue that his six-year stretch from 1984 to 1989 was one of the best of the 80s...but this.  The six-time All-Star and current Los Angeles Dodgers manager recently took the stage during a Evansville (Indiana) Ballet performance of "The Nutcracker".

His role?  Mother Ginger..."a wigged, made up female character whose gigantic skirt and petticoats hide more than a half-dozen children who spill out to dance in the ballet's second act."

You can check out video from the performance over at

5 Days of Christmas: Aaron Perlut

You're going to be reading a ton of Christmas-related posts during this, the week leading up to the anniversary of the birth of the baby Jesus...and this site is no different.

All this week, The Hall is presenting the "Five Days of Christmas". That's right, five days straight of one of The Hall's most popular features...the "Friday 5".


With only a few days left to get that baseball (and mustache) lover in your life a present...why not get them a Nike Hair-itage shirt?

But which one?  Thankfully, Dr. Aaron Perlut from the American Mustache Institute broke down your five best options...and they're all priced under 20 bucks.

Andre Dawson

Randy Johnson

Eddie Murray

Willie Stargell

Reggie Jackson

So, yeah, I know what you're asking yourself..."self, why did Dr. Perlut omit reigning Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year John Axford from the list?"

According to Perlut..."Axford was too far above the rest so we just let the secondary Mustached American tees fend for themselves."

Makes sense to me.

For more great gift ideas for that mustache lover (or Mustached American) in your life...why not check out the AMI's 2011 Mustached American Holiday Gift Guide Video?

December 18, 2011

And a Merry Christmas to You, Ball State!

Question.  What do you get when you put nine mortals, two Mustached Americans, buckets and a microphone together in a locker room?

Answer.  A Christmas miracle.

I was going to wait until later in the week to post this, but, honestly...I've got a better Christmas music post coming.  So, in all its glory, please...sit back, relax and enjoy the Ball State University baseball team's "rendition" of Band-Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?".

And while you're listening, remind yourself...what the Hell was Bono thinking when he belted out the lyrics "well tonight, thank God it's them instead of you"?

***Props to Big League Stew for bringing this video to our collective conscience.***