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December 22, 2011

5 Days of Christmas: Sam Fuld

You're going to be reading a ton of Christmas-related posts during this, the week leading up to the anniversary of the birth of the baby Jesus...and this site is no different.

All this week, The Hall is presenting the "Five Days of Christmas". That's right, five straight days of one of The Hall's most popular features...the "Friday 5".

Earlier this season, Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Sam Fuld broke down his five favorite superhero movies. the spirit of the season, here are "Super" Sam's favorite holiday flicks.

Love Actually (2003, directed by Richard Curtis)
Says Sam:  I'm an unabashed sucker for rom-coms.

It's a Wonderful Life  (1946, directed by Frank Capra)
Says Sam:  Jimmy Stewart is unreal in this, I try to watch it every year.

Elf  (2003, directed by Jon Favreau)
Says Sam:  Will Ferrell in tights...enough said.

Home Alone  (1990, directed by Chris Columbus)
Says Sam:  So good they made a Home Alone 4.

Polar Express  (2004, directed by Robert Zemeckis)
Says Sam:  I loved the book as a Tom Hanks.


Rob said...

If you want to read more about Super Sam, try this post:

And come back tonight if you want to see who the next Cubs player to be spotlighted will be. Happy Hanu-Cubs!

The OCP said...

You know how I know you're gay? You picked "Love Actually" as one of your top 5 favorite holiday movies... Sorry, Sammy, you set yourself up for that one. In all seriousness, two words, one epic movie - "Christmas Vacation." Other than that, I concur with your list. Well done and Merry Christmas!