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December 1, 2011

Anna Benson Takes Aim at PETA

Now that VH1's "Baseball Wives" has debuted as some sort of, wait for it, hit (zing!) appears that it's brash star, the animal hating/loving, gun-toting Anna Benson is already hitting the Twitters to take on a predictable foe.

oh no I am so afraid. PETA is boring and tired and liars. I hope they hate me half as much F*CK U PETA

Yup...the dildo-wielding wife of former pitcher Kris Benson is taking on PETA.

Not a surprise really if you watched the show Wednesday night.  Anna hit up a furrier to purchase a gift for fellow baseball wife Chantel "actually the ex-wife of Jason" Kendall and, naturally, one for herself. 

Included in what she was looking for...a stole with a head for a hood.  Now, I searched online and, honestly, I'm not even sure that exists!

This should be an awesome fight to watch play out.


Anonymous said...

smelly little pig

Anonymous said...

Pigs are so tasty tho.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see someone fire back at PETA. Yummy.....animals are tasty to eat!!!!!

Anonymous said...

so's ur mom. anyway ... anus for lips.

Anonymous said...

PETA kills more animals than they save, it's time someone put them in the hot seat!!