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December 16, 2011

Barry Bonds Sentenced (Maybe) to 30 Days of Trampolining and Swimming

You're going to be hearing/seeing/reading plenty about Barry Bonds today...and, honestly, there isn't much more to add.

Here's the skinny.

First, the home run kind was handed a sentence of 30 days of house arrest, two years of probation and 250 hours of community service.  Then, the sentence was delayed the sentence pending an appeal that is likely to take a year or more.

Silent during the procedings was Bonds.  But do you know why the seven-time National League MVP said nothing? 

Because this is the home that he's confined to for the next 30 days.  And, yes, you'll want to click that link.

Good God, man!

Something tells me he can sleep in a different room every night and still not see every square inch of that place.

Whenever this sentencing comes to fruition, I'm hoping dude gives that trampoline a thorough workout.

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