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December 19, 2011

Don Mattingly in Drag?

In a couple of weeks, we'll know whether or not New York Yankees legend Don Mattingly will be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

And while he probably won't (he was at just 13.6% last year)'s probably a good thing.

No, not because he isn't a viable candidate, one could argue that his six-year stretch from 1984 to 1989 was one of the best of the 80s...but this.  The six-time All-Star and current Los Angeles Dodgers manager recently took the stage during a Evansville (Indiana) Ballet performance of "The Nutcracker".

His role?  Mother Ginger..."a wigged, made up female character whose gigantic skirt and petticoats hide more than a half-dozen children who spill out to dance in the ballet's second act."

You can check out video from the performance over at


Lola said...

DonDon is one of our hometown heros. We were thrilled that he would do this for the ballet. He added an extra depth of fun to an already great show. While he's not the prettiest woman in the world, we're still proud of him.

Oops said...

First of all... Baseball players do all kinds of weird shit. Second, how fragile is your sense of masculinity if you think he shouldn't be in the hall of fame because he dressed in drag?

Anonymous said...

Hey Oops, I think it was a joke. Lighten up!