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December 13, 2011

Gerrit Cole's Twitter Hacked?

***UPDATE: Numerous Pirates bloggers are hitting the interwebs, supporting Cole saying that he's not on Twitter and this is a fake account.***

I'm no conspiracy theorist (actually, I totally am), but I'm willing to bet we're going to hear soon that Pittsburgh Pirates prospect Gerrit Cole's Twitter was hacked or that this is a fake account.

You see, late Monday night, the 2011 number one overall pick (or someone claiming to be him) tweeted the following piece of eye candy to his 980+ followers:

Considering quitting baseball to smoke weed. Fuck it

Someone needs to tell dude that he's a sure bet Major Leaguer with a million dollar arm and not running up and down a basketball court for a living.

Sure, it's possible Cole was joking around, but, in all seriousness...he should probably pick a better thing to joke about given the sport's pending crackdown on social media..

That is, of course, unless he was hacked...or this isn't even him!  And just in case it gets deleted (and it probably will), here was the tweet in question.

The hard throwing righty was 21-20 with a 3.38 ERA in his three years at UCLA.  Prior to being the Pirates number one pick this past summer, the 21-year-old was selected in the first round of the 2008 by the New York Yankees.

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