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December 29, 2011

Introducing..."Kid Jong-il"

I'm not sure why (peer pressure, something in my DNA?)...but I'm just not that into the New York Yankees.

That said, I do have some favorite Yankees fans.

First on the list, Hall favorite "Bald Vinny" Milano of the famed "Bleacher Creatures". 

Next, the dude who shot and killed Moammar Gadhafi.

And the latest entry to that short, short list...the kid (I'm calling him "Kid Jong-il") whose parents let him wear an "NY" lid to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il's funeral.

As Paul Lukas over at Uni Watch points out:

Seeing a Bronx Bombers chapeau in Libya is one thing; seeing one in North f*cking Korea — the most God-forsaken place on Earth, where virtually any trace of Western culture (to say nothing of American League East culture) is anathema — must surely qualify as one of the least likely uni sightings in history.

Something tells me that this is the first time a Yankees lid has been worn on a Korean in public since Chan Ho Park pitched for the Bronx.  And, yes, save the comments...I know Park was South Korea.  It was a joke people.

But, seriously, outside of a buddy of mine who claims wearing a Steve Grogan throwback jersey to a fancy restaurant led to his divorce...can you think of a less appropriate place to don some apparel of your favorite team?

I'm just glad "Kid Jong-il" was wearing a real Yankees cap and not some multi-colored one.

I'll let you make the Fred Durst jokes...I've got to believe there are plenty.

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