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December 2, 2011

Kid Forks Buddy Over Mickey Mantle Card

At the conclusion of every baseball season, highlight reels are littered with footage of bench clearing brawls.  Heck, I'm sure somewhere there is an MLB Network intern working on a "Prime 9" dedicated to such a topic.

Now, there's a story hitting the wires of a 17-year-old forking his buddy teen over a Mickey Mantle baseball card.

Is the world we live in really that violent?

Here's this from (via Deadspin):

A central Pennsylvania teen is facing juvenile charges after he stabbed another teen with a fork in a fight over a baseball card.

The Patriot-News of Harrisburg reports a 17-year-old boy faces assault and harassment charges after jamming the fork into a fellow teen's arm while they fought over a Mickey Mantle baseball card.

Investigators say the victim suffered minor injuries.

Now, I don't know where forks rank on the hierarchy of weapons...but I do know that this incident should probably warrant some sort of honorable mention then next time someone cobbles together a "Stupid Baseball Injuries" list.

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