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December 7, 2011

Stan Musial is Stumping for a Pujols Return

Add Stan Musial to the long list of Cardinals fans who are hoping slugger Albert Pujols returns St. Louis.

On Thursday, the Hall of Famer took to Twitter (yes, "Stan The Man" is on Twitter...kinda) and posted his support for the three-time MVP.

Your move, Pujols.


Bob said...

I realize that Baseball is a business, but if Albert let's this opportunity go he's a fool. Stan Musial is St. Louis baseball. Albert has said he wants to remain
here. It is time for him to put up are leave by the back door.

Baseball por Siempre said...

The man, you are and will be my best hitter for ever

Anonymous said...

Sorry Stan, Albert doesn't have the class to stay with the organization who gave him his start, it's all about the $$$$, cause he was insulted by the Cards offer, give me a break how much freaking $$$ do you need ego boy??

Anonymous said...

The Cardinals really got over on Albert for years and the are crying like some little girls that lost her daddy- lol
St.Losers and cut throat fans
Burning Alberts jersey just let folks know how much hate it really is in Snake Louis,Mo
Take the money man because St.Losers are 2 faced-ahh haa
2 years to sign the best in the world-John Mozeliak is a loser 250 times