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December 13, 2011

Derek Jeter...Rockstar

I'm struggling with how to start this one.  So here goes...Derek Jeter bangs chicks and sends them away with signed swag as a parting gift.



I said it.

According to one of his buddies, the New York Yankees captain, well...this is what the New York Post is saying:

“Derek has girls stay with him at his apartment in New York, and then he gets them a car to take them home the next day. Waiting in his car is a gift basket containing signed Jeter memorabilia, usually a signed baseball,” the friend dished.

“This summer, he ended up hooking up with a girl who he had hooked up with once before, but Jeter seemed to have forgotten about the first time and gave her the same identical parting gift, a gift basket with a signed Derek Jeter baseball,” the pal said.

“He basically gave her the same gift twice because he’d forgotten hooking up with her the first time!”


At least this is better than a few years ago when he just simply paid for their parking. autographed ball from the newest member of the 3000 hit club can come at a pretty hefty price.  But, how would one of these ladies get it authenticated to draw top dollar if they flipped it on eBay?

Sure, the story itself would be awesome, but still.

Better would you respond if your lady slid an autographed Jeter ball under the tree?

***Picture stolen from Jimmy Traina.***


Anonymous said...

So if your a dude and your girl gives you an signed Jeter Ball you need to know what's up!!!

Anonymous said...

If my girl got a gift basket from Jeter and gave me the signed ball, I'd say "Good job babe. Proud of you."

BigKev828 said...

I think I'd be OK with taking Jeter's sloppy seconds.... A sloppy second that's one of DJ's 10's has to be better than the 5's most of us wind up banging.

Anonymous said...

I heard he leaves another gift, HERPIES.

Anonymous said...

It's Herpes not Herpies you jizz bag

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely. A jizz bag full of Herpies.