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December 5, 2011

This Week in Baseball Cards: December 5

Forking, fighting and Nickelback...that's all I can say about the last week at The Hall.

With's Bo Rosny with This Week in Baseball Cards!

Violence in Harrisburg this week as teens brawled over a Mickey Mantle card. Hope it was a valuable one and not the mass-produced 1987 Hygrade every kid in the 1980s got in their Baseball Card Collecting Kit.

One of the teens in the incident is accused of “forking” the other teen. Seems that would be more appropriate over a card of famous forkballer Mike Lacoss.

In another baseball-related fight, Mrs. Kris Benson threatened the former Mrs. Chuck Knoblauch with a 12-inch dildo. What was unreported was that Hall of Famer Jim Rice quickly rushed in with his own.

And remember, gang, you can check out Bo's daily insights over at his site...Baseball Cards Come to Life.

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