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January 3, 2012

Another A-Rod and Torrie Sighting

Well, according to the internet...the Alex Rodriguez-Torrie Wilson World Tour is continuing and so far, you can cross Cabo San Lucas, Miami, Boise(!) and Cabo (again?) off the list.

Apparently, the New York Yankees star and the former WWE Diva liked their trip to Cabo last month so much...they went back to ring in the New Year.

You'll recall it was just last week that the pair was spotted in Wilson's childhood home of Boise, Idaho working out at a local gym.

Has the off season been this boring that we care who A-Rod is navigating the globe with?  Apparently.

When do pitchers and catchers report again?


Anonymous said...

Come on Torrie, you can do better than this D*ck!

Anonymous said...

Pitchers and Catchers report in about 45 days.

You are welcome.