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January 13, 2012

Baseball Blogger Blogging for a Cause

Blogging and baseball go together kinda like baseball and apple pie.  Blogging and blogging for charity?  Not so much.

Until now.

Michael Clair, head honcho over at Old Time Family Baseball, is dedicating 24 hours of his life to blogging for a cause.  That cause?  Doctors Without Borders.

"Sitting in front of the internet and making fun of Yuniesky Betancourt is the least we can do for the doctors and nurses that are in over 60 countries supplying much needed humanitarian and medical aid," the 24-year-old blogger told The Hall.

In all seriousness, Clair is doing a pretty cool thing here and I am glad to be helping out a friend.  Make sure you follow dude on Twitter for status, donation, and mental health updates throughout the day. 

Also, be sure to watch for a fun post from yours truly.

It all starts Saturday morning at 11am EST.

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