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January 29, 2012

Behold...the Rollie Fingers Bobblehead!

Quick question...are bobbleheads getting better or is my taste in baseball tchotchkes getting worse?

Both.  But that's neither here or there right now.

When the Oakland Athletics square off against the Cleveland Indians at home on April 21, the first 10,000 fans are taking home a Rollie Fingers bobblehead as part of the team remembering their 1972 World Series win.

Now, you might think to yourself...self, is this the first time Mustached American folk hero Rollie Fingers has ever been celebrated in bobblehead form?

The answer?'s happened at least twice.

On August 20, 2004, the Birmingham Barons had a Fingers bobblehead giveaway.  And even though, the future Hall of Famer wore a lip sweater in the minors...he did in bobblehead form.  The Barons would lose 10-4 against the Carolina Mudcats.

A year later, July 16, 2005, the Milwaukee Brewers would honor their former American League MVP and Cy Young Award winner with two bobbleheads (one wearing the home unis...the other in roads).  Unfortunately, the Crew would also fall...5-3 against the Washington Nationals.

Hopefully, Oakland can reverse the trend against the Tribe at the end of April.

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