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January 14, 2012

Cubs to Add a New Scoreboard...GASP!

Uh oh...I can hear the Chicago Cubs fans complaining already.

Some news came from the team's annual winter lovefest that is sure to cause fans of the team to cry foul.

No, the team is not pardoning Steve Bartman...the Cubs have decided to step into the 2000s by installing a "75-foot LED sign" to a soon-to-be renovated rightfield bleacher section.

I know what you're thinking...why is this a big deal?

I'll tell you.  Fans of the "Lovable Losers" don't like change.

They fought the idea of installing lights until 1988, they complained about the possibility of the bathroom troughs being removed and they've been cool with remaining World Series-less since the Roosevelt (Teddy...not Franklin) Administration.

Alright, that last jab was a low blow, but c' can a state-of-the-art LED scoreboard not add to what is already a pretty popular fan destination? 

Sure, the "Budweiser Patio" (or whatever they're actually calling the area above the new board) is a way for team brass to make money...but providing more information to the fans?  Color me excited for my next trip to the "Friendly Confines".

Wrigley Field needs an upgrade, people.

It wasn't that long ago that nets had to be installed to keep catch falling debris from hitting the fans.  And last year, during that epic Chicago snowstorm...part of the roof was ripped off.

So, yeah, Cubs fans are going to complain (they already are), but here's the skinny...don't want your beloved team to move from their Northside home?

Then embrace the future.

And in case some of you don't know what the troughs are that I referred to earlier...see the picture below.


JohnnyP said...

Completely agree with you! One of my gripes in the few times I've been to the Friendly Confines is not knowing who the heck was up for the other team, unless I had binoculars and a program. Bring on the board!

Anonymous said...

Wrigley already has a gigantic scoreboard in center field with a gigantic electronic display that tells exactly who is up and what there stats are for that given season. I love the new addition, but Johnny P if your going to comment at least know what you are talking about.

SOXFAN said...

Who really cares what the "FLUBS" do....they will continue their losing ways!!!
The only reason that Wrigley needs a scoreboard is to see which opposing batter is about to lite up a FLUB pitcher!!!

Anonymous said...


I guess you just wish to be part of the funnest place to be on a beautiful afternoon... keep hating....

Ronn Graham said...

Gotta Stay up with times or he times will CONTINUE to PASS the by!

paul catanese said...

I do not like the idea of that scoreboard and patio going up in right field. Takes away from the symetry of the park.
If fans have to know that much and can't figure it out on their own, then they are not true fans. What do they think scorecards are for?
The rest rooms are fime. if fans want more than that, think of when they were kids or in high school at baseball games when all that was there were outhouses, or in a worse case, the bush.
If the demand for all of these ameneties are so important, stay home and watch instant replay on the TV.
And when you have to go to the rest room, install a 42 inch flat screen Tv so none of the action is missed.