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January 17, 2012

Former Jays Slugger: "Bautista is Clean"

After hitting 59 home runs in his first 2038 big league plate appearances, Jose Bautista exploded for 97 in his last 1338.

Now, I'm not going to say the Toronto Blue Jays outfielder is doing anything sketchy, and even if I was...former Jays slugger Jesse Barfield would be there to shoot me down.

"Bautista is clean. He's been one of the most tested players in the majors," Barfield told reporters at the Rogers London Sports Celebrity Dinner and Auction Monday. "But you just know. You shake his hand and he's got a muscular grip and arm but you can tell he isn't built like those guys on something. And he can throw."

And how can the career .256 hitter tell?  It's all in their arms apparently.

"When you look at guys, you have a pretty good idea of whether they are on something or not. It's not natural to have muscles growing out of your neck like this," Barfield said, holding his hands on his neck in a big circle.  "They can't get the arm up over the top because of how the muscles are built's not natural. Guys who could throw, suddenly can't throw." there you go. 

According to Jesse Barfield, Jose Bautista is not on steroids because dude can throw a ball.


***Big ups to Michael Clair for staying grounded.***

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