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January 20, 2012

Is the Sergio Romo Bobblehead Too Dark?

Typically if you were to ask yourself what is better, a gnome or a're going to say "gnome" every time.

Well, on this...I'm torn.

You see, when the San Francisco Giants announced they were doing a Brian Wilson Garden Gnome night, I got excited.  But, have you seen the Sergio Romo bobblehead?

In a's awesome.  And I'd love to be by the Bay May 5 when they give them out prior to the Giants taking on the Milwaukee Brewers.

But, there's one problem.  Dude is a little dark.  And it's something the reliever himself has noticed.

Well im super stoked bout gettin a bobblehead this year! take it everyone thinks its too dark of a skintone? I do! Lol

I guess we'll see if the Giants give the Romo bobblehead the Sammy Sosa skin whitening treatment when it gets unveiled to the fans on the Cinco de Mayo.

1 comment: said...

That Sammy Sosa reference was cold blooded. lol.