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January 4, 2012

Nomar Garciaparra is Skeptical

Remember the Sports Illustrated piece where Carl Everett dispelled the notion that dinosaurs existed?

"No one ever saw a Tyrannosaurus Rex" the then-Boston Red Sox outfielder told SI's Tom Verducci. 

And the bones?  "Made by man" he said.

Well, as it turns out...Everett isn't the only member of the 2000 Red Sox that can be classified (politely) as "skeptical".

Enter Nomar Garciaparra.

Apparently the All-Star shortstop was sitting in the clubhouse with writer Doug Bailey following the 2003 space shuttle Columbia disaster and decided to go all "Capricorn One" on some visiting astronauts.

Nomar curiously watched my interaction with the two women, who were dressed in their bright-blue flight suits, and finally nudged me and asked who they were. I explained that they were astronauts. “Hey,” Nomar replied, “I saw this show on Fox that said we never really went to the moon. The whole thing was faked. Can I talk to her about that?”

“Sure,” I said, eager to witness this conversation.

Coleman diplomatically handled the inquiry from Nomar. “I’ve heard about that,” she said, “but it would have to be an enormous conspiracy.”

“Did you see the show?” he quickly rejoined. “It was really convincing…. I don’t know.”

So, wait...Garciaparra thinks that the moon landing was faked?  What's someone going to suggest that Curt Schilling's bloody sock wasn't legit?


Corey said...

Peter Gammons thought Schilling's sock was fake lol

Anonymous said...

Well he saw it on Fox News, so it MUST be true... ( that was sarcasm for those that missed it)

Anonymous said...

I think it says "show on Fox". Makes me think the network, not the news station.

Anonymous said...

what is this suppose to be, a non-story from over 8 years ago?