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January 13, 2012

"Pawn Stars" Meets Baseball?

It looks like reality TV is setting up shop in Baltimore..."Ball Boys" debuts on ABC in a couple of months.

Unfortunately, it doesn't focus on The Hall's favorite Charm City resident...Timmy Anderson.

Apparently, "Ball Boys" is the next in a long line of "Pawn Stars" rip offs, but, this time (according to the Washington Post) it's not a pawn's a sports memorabilia shop called Robbie's First Base.

Each week, we’ll see staffers Robbie Sr. and Jr. — along with sidekicks Sweet Lou and Shaggy — as they negotiate, buy and sell various sports merchandise, both at the store and other locations. Plus, appearances from athletes such as Jim Brown and Pete Rose, who visit for some banter and “smack talk.”

And look for a Baltimore Orioles shout-out in the first episode — a customer is convinced that a baseball caught over right fielder Nick Markakis’s glove is worth lots of money, though Robbie Sr. has different ideas.

But why wait until March 24 to see what Robbie's is all about...check out their website!

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