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January 22, 2012

Talkin' Baseball with Anna Benson

Full disclosure here…I haven’t watched every minute of every episode of “Baseball Wives”.

I know.  I know.  But I’ve paid enough attention enough to figure out what’s going on and know that Anna Benson is the only thing worth paying attention to.

That’s gotta mean something, right?

And even if you've missed the show, you know Anna, don’t ya?  She’s the one that famously told Howard Stern that if her husband, then-Mets pitcher Kris Benson cheated on her…she would "do everybody on his whole team."

Well, I had a chance recently to catch up with the with the potty mouthed, gun toting, “cleat chaser” hating baseball wife.  Enjoy!

HOVG:  First off, thank you for being you. And thank you for driving so much traffic to my little slice of the interwebs last month. I’ll get to why traffic was so heavy in a bit, but first, I’ve gotta know…how did “Baseball Wives’ come about? Was this an idea that you had pitched to VH1 or did they come and seek you out?

ANNA:  Actually, I have always thought that a show surrounding the lives of baseball wives was a great idea, so it was fitting that when VH1 wanted to put the show together they asked me to participate!

HOVG:  Is the show a fair representation of what it is like to be a baseball wife?

ANNA:  Not necessarily, the life of a baseball wife depends on different much money your husband makes, how long he’s been in the league, what team he plays for, what you do for a living, etc. But I’d say it’s a decent representation.

HOVG:  Who, if you can name names, should be on the show that isn’t…and why?

ANNA:  No one comes to mind, I enjoyed all of the ladies on the show.

HOVG:  I alluded to it earlier, but your dildo “attack” on Cheri Knoblauch made a ton of news last month and drove my site’s traffic through the roof. What happened? Can you walk us through it?

ANNA:  Absolutely not true, never happened.

HOVG:  Okay. Enough about the show. Let’s have some fun…let’s play word association. I’ll throw you a word or phrase and you tell me what comes to mind first. Cleat chaser.

ANNA:  Desperate.

HOVG:  New York Mets fans.

ANNA:  Hopeful.

HOVG:  Kris Benson bashers.

ANNA:  Anna Benson wanters.

HOVG:  Anna Benson bashers.

ANNA:  Mentally challenged.

HOVG:  Howard Stern.

ANNA:  One of the greatest people to influence my life.

HOVG:  The whole Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries mess.

ANNA:  Boring.


ANNA:  Not scientific.

HOVG:  Alright…last question. What’s one thing about you that you’d really like everyone to know?

ANNA:  That I am a sweet girl with a huge heart who I adores her family, friends and fans!

HOVG:  So what’s next for you? Where can people find you?

ANNA:  Hopefully we’ll move on to season two of  "Baseball Wives"!  Until then, people can find me online by checking out my website or by following me on Twitter.  And remember, "Baseball Wives" airs every Sunday on VH1!

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