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January 27, 2012

Team Extends Invite to Tim Tebow

You can't blame a team for trying to draw fans.  And that's exactly what the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs are trying to do.

Last week, following the Denver Broncos 45-10 loss at the hands of the New England Patriots, the minor league club sent out an invitation to Tim Tebow to throw out the first pitch before their June 21 contest.

"Tebow has undeniably been the story of the NFL season this year. He and the Broncos made a great run, but as we all saw, Tim doesn’t exactly have a Tom Brady arm. And we’d like to help him with that as he enters the off season," Blue Crabs Assistant General Manager Brian Radle said.  "To make the invite more attractive, we’ve even booked the Cowboy Monkeys which have been a national sensation themselves! All the more to set the stage and get Tim’s mojo back!"

Hold on now. 

No one said there were monkeys involved.  Much less...monkeys that ride dogs.  And really, isn't that the best way to describe Tebow's meteoric rise this past season?

That's right, I just said that Tim Tebow is on par with cowboy monkeys riding dogs.  Except he's probably not as entertaining.

And monkeys hate Jesus.

Please disregard this whole story and enjoy the awesomeness below.

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