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January 3, 2012

This Week in Baseball Cards: January 3

Lots of news surrounding New York baseball players...past and present.  Here's Bo Rosny with This Week in Baseball Cards!

Alex Rodriguez’s romance with WWE diva Torrie Wilson is the latest in a long line of connections with baseball and wrestling, though it may be the first romantic one. Maybe we’ll see A-Rod in the ring one day, much like another troubled baseball superstar, Pete Rose.

Maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising that a North Korean kid wore a Yankee hat to Kim Jong-Il’s funeral. After all, the biggest embarrassment a South Korean had in baseball was Byung-Hyun Kim giving up game-tying home runs in back-to-back games to the Yankees in the 2001 World Series. He also lent his bad luck to the 2003 Red Sox, who were defeated in the ALCS by another dramatic Yankee home run, though Kim did not pitch in that series after getting torched by the A’s in the ALDS.

Finally, I was looking up “Get Mesmerized” and found an interesting tidbit in Jeff Pearlman’s The Bad Guys Won. Apparently it was the brainchild of George Foster, who had one crazy get-rich scheme after another. His previous scheme had been to sell knock-off polo shirts (the horse on the shirt had three legs) in the visiting clubhouse in Shea Stadium. Maybe if he had spent more time focusing on baseball he wouldn’t have been released by the Mets in the middle of their championship season.

And remember, gang, you can check out Bo's daily insights over at his site...Baseball Cards Come to Life.

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