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February 14, 2012

Hall of Famer Has Cancerous Tumor Rumoved

Eighteen months after having a malignant growth removed from inside his right cheek...Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn underwent surgery Tuesday to have a cancerous tumor removed from the same spot.

"Tony told them to take (the malignant tumor) all out,'' Tony's wife Alicia told ESPN. "They said they may need to remove the facial nerve.  But he just told them to take it out. And if they do remove the facial nerve, they'll replace it with a nerve from his shoulder or his leg."

If everything goes as planned, Gwynn will be back in the dugout as San Diego State's baseball coach in a month.

The former San Diego Padres outfielder attributed his use of smokeless tobacco as the cause of the tumors.  The career .338 hitter spent his entire 20-year playing career using and continued to dip well into his retirement.

Doctors have not yet found a link to Gwynn's use of smokeless tobacco and the cancer, but the 15-time All-Star is conviced..

"Of course it caused it," Gwynn said back in 2010, "I always dipped on my right side."

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