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February 15, 2012

"Linsanity" Invades the Baseball Diamond

Linsanity.  Linspirational.  Whatever you call it, the story of New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin has captured the heart and imagination of everyone with a pulse that follows sports.

And as it turns out...the baseball world is just as enamored with "Super Lintendo" as the rest of us.

Of course, it helps that dude is fresh from leading the Knicks to their sixth straight win and, to top it out, Lin hit a game-winning three with 00.5 seconds on the clock.

Naturally, the baseball world took to the Twitterspehere.

@TheJK_Kid (Jason Kipnis):  Okay, I'm sold.. I think I'm on board with this Linsanity train after that game tonight!

@BenRevere9 (Ben Revere):  O wow just saw it he is a beast!!!!!!

@thisisdspan (Denard Span):  I know I'm late but just saw the game winner Lin hit tonight. I love stories like this!

@jfinch27 (Jennie Finch):  #Linsanity Amazing!

@lukehughes38 (Luke Hughes):  Ok I'm finally on the #LinSanity train. All aboard choo choo.

@BarryEnright54 (Barry Enright):  #Linsanity w/ 27 & 11 and game winner front deep!! Love seeing @FloydMayweather EAT those words! Keep doin it @JLin7 #GodisGood

@skinnyswag9 (Dee Gordon):  Jeremy Lin just hit a game winner thoooo!!!! #LINNING

@ColinCurtis425 (ColinCurtis):  Lin is sick

I don't know about you, but I love seeing professional athletes giving others their due.

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