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February 10, 2012

Of Course There's a Josh Hamilton Sex Tape

For whatever reason, the Josh Hamilton "relapse" story was a big one last week.

And I get it, the Texas Rangers star is the drug and alcohol rehabilitation poster child, but just as the story was fading into the night...there's this.

Not only was dude hammered, but he went all Roethlisberger at the Dallas eatery and relapsed in the bathroom with a lady...ifyouknowwhatImean.

So, naturally, now there are stories about a sex tape.  And, really, why wouldn't there be?

According to Deadspin, video of the former American League MVP's bathroom sexcapade (see what I did there?) has been offered up to a local TV station for a tidy sum of $41,000.

"Had we been interested," a station employee told the website, "I'm sure they would have given us some watermarked photos or something from the video."

But as of one is biting.

Now, I don't want to judge the guy the guy's actions.  I've never walked in his shoes...never will.  However, if he wants us all to buy the whole act...lose the backwards cap and Kaenon sunglasses.

To me, nothing makes a public apology look more like an obligation or inconvenience than showing up looking like a twat.

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