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February 7, 2012

The Yankees Stink...Literally

There are jokes to be made about this, but Kevin Kaduk over at Big League Stew already made them all, so here.

This...according to ESPN New York.

Called, simply, "New York Yankees'' and "New York Yankees for Her,'' the team will introduce two "official fragrances'' at a cocktail reception in Manhattan on Tuesday, February 21. Smells like money.

This isn't the first Yankees-related scent to hit the market, Derek Jeter Driven was launched by AVON in 2006 and if you read some of these had its fair share of fans.

On a related note, Bartolo Colon (see what I did there?) is expected to start Oakland's second game of the season when the Athletics take on the Seattle Mariners during baseball's semi-annual excursion to Japan.

Colon was 8-10 with a 4.00 ERA in 26 starts last season.

Full.  Circle.

1 comment:

capt scully said...

If it smells like Jeter's jock strap the ladies will go wild for it.