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March 20, 2012

Blind Baseball Fan Set to Embark on 30-30 Tour

An Irving, Texas man is set to hit all 30 baseball stadiums in 30 days and if this story isn't enough to get you to get up off your couch and go to a baseball game...I'm not sure what is.

People do that all the time you say...what's the hook?

Thing is, Reggie Deal is blind and this voyage is the realization of a dream.

"The trip is always been something I've wanted to do going back to my college days 15 years ago," Deal said.

Deal is making the trip solo and he's hoping to spread a pretty positive message along the way.

"I’m a thyroid cancer survivor and the major organization that deals with and promotes awareness and research about anything and everything thyroid and thyroid cancer related known as THYCA, is now working with me on a potential awareness effort that I will headline and bring into focus as part of my baseball travels," Deal writes over at the Ballpark Chasers website.

The tour kicks off in Deal's home state of Texas April 29 when the Tampa Bay Rays take on the Texas Rangers and the lifelong fan is pretty particular as to where he likes to sit.

"While view is not important for me, I want to be closer to the plate so I can hear the ball off the bat, even if that means being high up," Deal said.  "I prefer being third or fourth level on the infield as opposed to field level 340 feet from home plate.

Feel free to check out Deal's schedule and if he's going to be in your city...treat the guy to some nachos or a hot dog.  To follow his progress, head on over to his personal blog, Facebook page or Twitter.


Anonymous said...

I'm touched bro.

Anonymous said...

man i feel like donatin'!