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March 4, 2012

Brian Wilson to Open a Bowling Alley

Remember last year at this time when it seemed like around every corner lurked a new and different endorsement deal involving Brian Wilson?

Of course you do.

Thankfully, for some, it hasn't ended.  Apparently, the San Francisco Giants closer is partnering with Lucky Strike to open up a bowling alley across the street from AT&T Park.  And becuase the future failed business venture won't be named after The Bearded One (there are a bunch of other Lucky Strikes out there)...they're renaming one of the lanes.

Cue the outdated Big Lebowski reference!

"I am pumped to be in the Lucky Strike mix and am honored that lane 12 will be renamed lane 38," Wilson said about the partnership. "I love that number, and I expect to roll many massive strikes on that lane. See you there. The Dude abides."

Lucky Strike won't be your typical bowling alley though.  Nope...this joint is a 21-and-up spot that will feature a 40-foot bar, leather sofas, antique chessboards, a photo booth and artwork on the walls.

Oh, and according to their website...a dress code?
  • Athletic wear of any kind including shorts, jerseys, sweats and hoodies
  • Excessively baggy clothing (Tuck-ins not permitted)
  • Work boots (Seasonal exceptions)
  • Headgear (Exceptions for ball caps and stylish hats)
So, basically, you've got a bowling alley across the street from where the Giants play, co-owned by, arguably, the most popular member of the team that won't allow fans to hit the lanes wearing what fans wear?!?

Lucky Strike opens March 9.

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