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March 21, 2012

Eric Davis...Batting Stance Guy Part Two?

How do you know when the "least marketable skill in America" is actually marketable?

You've appeared alongside David Letterman, written a book and, if the clip below is any indication...former Cincinnati Reds superstar Eric Davis is stealing your schtick.

Ladies and gentlemen...we're through the looking glass.

But...can Davis do Batting Stance Guy?  Does anyone even know what Batting Stance Guy's real batting stance look like?

"There are some VHS tapes in existence with me standing like Ryne Sandberg in real baseball," Gar (aka Batting Stance Guy) Ryness once told me.  "In college and post-college softball I like hitting lefty like Dave Justice, or when I’m trying to go opposite field…Will Clark."

Oh, and in case you were wondering...below (at the :48 mark) is Ryness doing his Eric Davis.  Your move, E.D.!

***Fist pound to CBS Sports Eye on Baseball.***

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