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March 2, 2012

Friday 5: Casey Bond

Let's say you're in a movie (we'll call it "Moneyball") nominated for an Academy Award...where do you watch the Oscar telecast if your name isn't Brad Pitt?

I was curious, so I caught up with Casey Bond, the actor that played Chad Bradford in the Oscar-nominated movie, and asked him just that.

HOVG:  Before we get into anything else...where did you watch the Academy Awards Sunday night?

BOND:  I watched the Academys with some friends at a small gathering.

HOVG:  Are you surprised that "Moneyball" got shut out?

BOND:  I was hoping we would step away with something, no doubt. However, there were some great contenders, so it's just a good feeling to be in the mix even though we didn't win.

HOVG:  I'm sure everyone has asked, but what was it like working with Brad Pitt? Did you learn anything from the four-time Oscar nominee?

BOND:  Brad is simply the man. He was so great to work with and just a solid dude. We were together for two months on set and he was very gracious to me. I learned plenty from him...from different acting tips to how to operate on set. He is a great example and I truly enjoyed working alongside him.

HOVG:  Switching gears...I saw your most recent Facebook post that showed you all decked out in full Royal Guard get up (see the picture below). Can you divulge what that was for?

BOND:  Hmmm...well, I can say that it was for a commercial.  And an ice cream commercial at that. I don't want to get into any legalities with spilling the beans on what company it was for unfortunately. I'm hoping you will all find out by watching it on a TV near you soon! I had a blast working on it. It will be a funny one, that’s for certain.

HOVG:  Outside of the commercial that shall not be named...what else do you have cooking?

BOND:  I just booked a lead role in a film and will be shooting it for the full month of March in Florida. But again, that's all I can say about it at the moment.

Before being cast in "Moneyball", Casey Bond was no stranger to baseball. Dude was actually drafted by the San Francisco Giants in 2007. You can follow him on Twitter at @CaseyBond, keep tabs on him over at Facebook or, imagine that...check out his personal website.

Also, if you're curious as to what Bond's favorite baseball movies's the answer!

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