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March 27, 2012

Ichiro's Doppleganger Shows Up at Autograph Signing

Something tells me that if Ichiro Suzuki showed up at a Tokyo steakhouse, he wouldn't have to wait in line to get teammate Michael Saunders' autograph.

But that's exactly what happened.  Kinda.

Apparently, the Seattle Mariners superstar has a doppleganger and, naturally, he took it upon himself to show up at an autograph signing Monday...dressed exactly like the ten-time All-Star.

"I couldn't tell the difference," Saunders said. "It was unbelievable. Full uni, the facial hair, everything. That was dead on. That was really good."

This past season Ichiro finished with a career-low .272 batting average and 184 hits, the first time in his 11-year Major League career he did not record 200 hits.

So, if that trend continues...perhaps it's time to call in his stunt double.

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Anonymous said...

Doesnt look like Ichiro was as amused as everyone else.