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March 13, 2012

The Iron Sheik Enters the Canseco-Shaq Battle

Ladies and gentlemen...the Twitter battle (albeit mostly one-sided) between Jose Canseco and Shaquille O'Neal has just gotten crazy.

Enter The Iron Sheik.

As it turns out, the 68-year-old WWE Hall of Famer is hitting the Twitters on Tuesday...trying to mix it up with the two heavyweights.  And, really, why wouldn't he be?

The @josecanseco try to f*ck with the @shaq he not the Virgil he the real. Jose you need to f*ck with Sheikie I f*ck you old country way

He continued a few hours later with this gem.

I make the people day when they see me. The @JoseCanseco ruin people day when he talk. The dead goat shit come out of his mouth

First, off, I'm not surprised at Sheik's complete lack of discernible grammar skills, the one-time wrestling champ never was known for his grasp of the English language.  But...dude really is adept when it comes to hash tags and dropping mentions in his tweets.

Is there any way we can turn this fantasy bout between Canseco and Shaq into a Triple Threat Match?

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