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March 26, 2012

Jayson Werth Blasts Truck with Homer

So...didja hear the one about the mammoth blast Jayson Werth hit Sunday?

Well, as it turns out, the Washington Nationals outfielder hit his own truck with the first inning homer off New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvery.

"It just left a hole in the Earth where my truck used to be," Werth said of the estimated 492-foot moonshot that ricocheted off the front bumper of his pickup.

The home run was such a spectacle that Adam Kilgore from The Washington Post tweeted that it might be "the hardest-hit ball (Werth has) hit as a National."

That's high praise.
The pride of Chatham, Illinois is hitting .281 this pre-season and is looking to rebound from a dismal 2011 that saw him hit .232 with only 20 home runs.


Air It Out Team said...

Glad it was his car and not someone else's. He can afford it.

WKRP in Canada said...

"Glad it was his car and not someone else's. He can afford i."

Um.. couldnt he "afford" it either way? And Im more leaning towards the fact that if it WAS someone elses car maybe it would have been less expensive to repair

Logic failk